Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 Ready, According To Alleged Leak

Canouna, the administrator behind the Winunleaked forums, posted a screenshot which is supposed to be the Start screen from the Windows 8 Release preview build 8400. Alongside the post is are four “SKUs” (Can a preview be called an stock-keeping unit?): Windows 8 (core), Windows 8 Release Preview (Pro), Windows 8 Release Preview with Media Center (ProWMC), and Windows 8 Enterprise (vL).

Windows 8 Release Preview in Metro display mode

The only source available for this rumor is Canouna, who’s forum title reads “Microsoft Labs Janitor.” We will find out if Canouna is an accurate source soon: Microsoft announced that the Release Preview for Windows 8 would be made public in the first week of June, and the public already has access to February’s Consumer Preview.

The different versions seem to loosely correspond with the released editions of Windows 7: Starter, Home Premium, Professional, and Enterprise. Windows 7 Starter was is a limited build that doesn’t include Aero effects or a way to change the background display picture; Windows 7 Home Premium includes media center support; Professional includes encryption options and XP mode; while Enterprise can be bought in volume.

Who is Canouna and what are his/her credentials?

Will you be installing Release Previews of Windows 8 when they launch next month? Let us know what version you’ll be trying in the comments section below.

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