Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Release Date, Coming October 26th

We have been long waiting for an official statement from Microsoft for the release date of Windows 8. And now, we have one! At Microsoft’s annual sales meeting earlier today, Steven Sinosfky announced that consumers will be able to get a copy of their latest operating system, Windows 8, starting October 26th.

Windows 8 Release Date Officially Announced

Microsoft will be selling a downloadable copy of Windows 8 for a mere $40, way less that what they usually sell their OS’s for. This is a good thing, because a lot more people will be upgrading to Windows 8 when it finally hits shelves. The latest operating system is supposed to be faster, smoother, will feature better memory and CPU management and of course a completely new look.

I’ve been using the Consumer Preview for a while now and so far it has been good. Let’s see how the final product is. Also, if you’re planning to get a Windows PC right now or before January 2nd 2013, then you’ll get the Windows 8 upgrade for $15 only. Rejoice PC users!

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