This Is How The Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Should Have Went [VIDEO]

You know that Internet Explorer 9 commercial that is being plastered around on the TV, movies and the web? The one that actually makes the browser look half decent until you remember it is still Internet Explorer? Well, it turns out the commercial you have been seeing is actually a fake. The real (and honest) Internet Explorer 9 commercial can be watched below…

I can finally sleep at night again. Please… if you are still using Internet Explorer do yourself a favor and download Google Chrome; heck even Safari or Firefox if Chrome is not your thing.

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  • ciaodom

    funny LOL

  • LK

    Yeah, seriously. Should have went???

    Grammar FAIL.

  • Random guy

    Who the f*k still uses Internet Explorer !? (October 2012)

  • frost

    You can’t blame internet explorer in this video. To be fair, the guy was using a mac.

  • ABC

    The video actually shows IE on both Mac & PC…. IE is no longer available for Mac… most likely cause it really sucked.