Latest Nokia Ad For Lumia 2520 Tablet Takes Cheap Shots At The iPad [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.06.12 AM

It seems like there are two options for marketing teams behind tablet commercials: take cheap shots at Apple or come up with something creative. Obviously the latter very rarely wins and this is certainly the case with the latest Nokia 2520 tablet ad. The now Microsoft owned company has just released an ad for its […]

The FCC Could Allow Phone Calls And Cellular Data Above 10,000 Feet


Shortly after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) green lighted the use of personal electronics during nearly all phases of flight, the FCC is now considering whether or not to let passengers make in-flight voice calls and use cellular data when above 10,000 feet. The current regulations require passengers to put all cellular devices in Airplane mode to […]

Microsoft Could Close The App-Gap Between Apple And Google By End Of 2014

Windows Phone 8 Review

When it comes to the dominant holdings on the smartphone market two companies that come to mind are Apple and Google. Microsoft is certainly up there, but it is lagging behind due to two reason. Number one, is simply market share, Apple and Google are hot right now for obvious reason, but number two is […]

You Will Now Be Able To Use Personal Electronics On Nearly All Phases Of Flight

FAA Asking For Passenger Input On Gadget Use During Flights

It has been known for quite some time that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was going to relax on its restrictions regarding the use of personal electronic devices such as iPhones and iPads during commercial flights, and today it looks like things will finally be moving forward. The FAA will now be allowing the use […]

Microsoft Takes A Defensive Stab At Apple’s Recent Statements, But Ends Up Looking Desperate

Microsoft Jab At Apple

As soon as Apple CEO Tim Cook said on stage during the 2013 iPad keynote “Our competition is different. They’re confused. They chased netbooks, now they’re trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Who knows what they’ll do next? I can’t answer that question, but I can tell you that we’re focused.” […]

Microsoft Wants To Offer You Money To Trade-In Your iPhone For A Windows Phone


A couple of weeks ago we reported that Microsoft had started an iPad trade-in program where you could trade in your iPad for a gift card to the Microsoft Store to put towards a Surface RT or Surface Pro. This is of course part of the Redmond company’s #timetoswitch campaign which spans across television, online and […]

Microsoft Announces New Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2 Tablets

surface pro 2

Yesterday, at an event in New York, Microsoft announced the successor to its Surface tablets, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. As you all know, the Surface was a tablet running on Windows RT and was intended to take on the Apple iPad. That didn’t go very well and Microsoft had to face a […]

Windows Phone Pokes Fun At iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c In Seven New Ads, Now Removed


Looks like Microsoft’s Windows Phone department is still not done with making fun of the iPhone 5s. If you remember, Windows Phone poked fun at the iPhone 5s via Twitter right after Apple’s announcement on September 10th. Now, they are back with seven videos that bash the iPhone 5s’ camera, gold color and the iPhone 5c […]

Microsoft Starts An iPad Trade-In Program For A $200 Credit Towards Surface

Microsoft Surface Trade-In Program

In an attempt to further take away marketshare from Apple, Microsoft has started a new promotion where it will offer you a gift card if you trade in your iPad for a Surface RT or Surface Pro. It was stated on marketing material that Microsoft would be willing to give you a minimum $200 gift […]

Microsoft Acquires Nokia For $7.2 Billion

Nokia Lumia 820

Microsoft has announced this morning that it will be acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services unit for $7.2 billion. This move will give Microsoft ownership of Nokia’s entire smartphone lineup and of course give it complete control over both its hardware and software… meaning dreams of Android powered Nokia handsets are now dead. The Boards of […]