Kim Kardashian Beats Justin Bieber In Top BING Searches Of 2012 And Microsoft Shares Its Top 12 Milestones This Year

All the tech giants have had a pretty impressive year in 2012 to say the least and to be honest they have to if they wish to maintain their dominant hold in this aggressive market. One of these companies is Microsoft, which recently detailed all of their milestones in a well-done video that we will get to shortly.

Until we get to the video however, Microsoft had a few key milestones in 2012 that are worth going into further detail.

  • The Surface Tablet: Microsoft’s Surface tablet shook the tech world when it was announced because it was the first time in a long time that Microsoft has developed its own hardware in the mobile sector. Although the Surface has only received mediocre reviews, it is an impressive tablet to say the least.
  • Windows 8: The new Windows 8 operating system is perhaps the biggest update that Windows has received. In fact, the jump from previous versions of Windows to Windows 8 is more like switching to a completely different operating system. Windows 8 is supposed to be Microsoft’s attempt at merging their mobile, console and desktop experience into one and the company definitely accomplished that.
  • The Xbox And All-In-One Entertainment: Xbox made leaps and bounds in the all-in-one entertainment field this year with the release of Xbox Music and the breakthrough, but underrated SmartGlass app for smartphones and tablets. In fact, Forbes called the Xbox the “strongest player in interactive television.”
  • Software: In the software division Microsoft has actually done more than you might think. The company released Office 2013 or ‘new Office’ as Microsoft refers to it as that features touch-capabilities, cloud support and much more. Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 and a completely re-designed Bing was also released this year.

Pretty impressive, no? Check out the video below.

Microsoft also released a list of the top Bing searches for 2012 that are worth checking out.

Based on the aggregation of billions of search queries conducted on Bing this year, here are the much-anticipated top search lists for the most-searched people, news stories, athletes, musicians, celebrity events, social networks and TV shows. The complete report, including most-searched viral videos, movies, songs, TV personalities and more, is available at

Last year people were busy singing “Baby, baby, baby” with Justin Bieber, but this year people were searching for celebrity births. Among the top 10 celebrity events, 5 were taken up by things like “Beyoncé’s baby.” As for real news, the most search news story of 2012 was actually the iPhone 5, followed by 2012 Election and 2012 Olympics. What about the top social networks? Well, I think you can already guess their order — Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Tumbler.

Bing Top Searches 2012

What was the number one searched term though? Well, last year it was Justin Bieber, but it looks like this year people are more interested in Kim Kardashian. Don’t worry about Justin Bieber though, he still (somehow) takes the second spot. The rest of the top Bing Searches of 2012 can be found here.

How do you think Microsoft did this year? How do you think it compared to Apple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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