Watch Microsoft’s Windows Surface Tablet Keynote Online Now [VIDEO]

Yesterday we told you that Microsoft announced its new Windows Surface tablet, and to be honest it was more impressive than I expected it to be. The Microsoft Surface tablet comes with either an ARM processor that runs Windows RT or a powerful Intel Ivy Bridge Processor that runs Windows 8 professional. Perhaps one of the most unique features of this tablet is a built-in kickstand, and integrated keyboard cover accessory.

Windows Surface Tablet

Personally I would not drop my iPad for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet, but I know this new tablet will appeal to a lot of people. And I think it is safe to say that the Surface has aspects to it that make it unique from the iPad and other Android tablets, that will allow it to compete in this very competitive market.

For those that would like a more in-depth run down on the Surface you can watch Microsoft’s full keynote video thanks to The Verge uploading it to YouTube.

Although pricing and availability were not mentioned we can expect the RT version to ship around the release of Windows 8 and the Windows 8 professional version to ship a few months after; all with competitive pricing of course. What do you think of the Surface? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Jackson J

    This might be just a tiny gripe… but.. why is rectangular? It just seems so awkward…

  • Guest

    i like that new tablet seems to be great, but now they r copying the conference style from apple and that looks terrible on them, its like a cheap remake from a great movie or some shitty low budget film

  • Rockycarr

    The Surface seems neat enough, but these guys need to take some lessons on how to give a proper presentation from Apple. This thing was disjointed, disconnected and disconcerting.

  • Guest

    Ballmer just always acts like a dick when presenting.  Can’t stand to watch him.  I was impressed with the minute demo video and then I watched this.  Can’t see myself wanting to give money to this guy!