Microsoft Sells 4 Million Copies Of Windows 8 Since Friday

While we occasionally hear tidbits like “the PC is dying” or “in the future, most people will be using iPads,” once in a while we see a bit of news that shows that the old x86-64 is still alive and well. According to CNET, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that Microsoft has sold 4 million copies of Windows 8 as of today, though there’s no word yet if that includes consumer and enterprise updates, software sold to OEMSs or figures from Windows 8’s ARM based counter-part Windows RT.

Is the PC alive and well?

On the other hand, while 4 million in 4 days may seem like a lot of downloads, Apple’s OS X 10.8 had similar sales figures of 3 million in four days during July. OS X has a comparatively smaller user-base than Windows, currently less than a sixth of Windows’ active users by Wikimedia’s estimates. The upgrades for the two operating systems are similarly priced: OS X sold for $19.99, while Windows 8 Pro sold between $14.99 and $39.99–cheaper than any previous version of Windows. So why isn’t the difference proportional? We will have a clearer picture of Windows 8’s role in the PC landscape in the coming days, as Microsoft releases more information.

Personally, I’m not surprised that the Windows 8 launch wasn’t bigger that it was. For most people, Windows seems to be a necessity, which is why older versions stick around for a bit (Windows XP is still 2nd place on most OS market share web rankings); it’s the platform on which most of our software runs. Only a select group of enthusiasts jump on the chance to get the latest version.

Is the 4 million figure not as impressive as it seems?

Did you upgrade to Windows 8, or are you waiting on the upgrade? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Matt Donoghue

    I am pulled in two directions about upgrading my boot camp to windows 8…. heard good and bad stories… might wait a year until Windows 8 SP 1

  • Thom Nguyen

    So im aprt of this 4 million statistics – hwoever i’ve yet to actually install windows 8 -lolololol. But im happy that i have it.

  • Alex

    Apple will NEVER EVER Win. I used to be the supporter of the under dog. But I realized I was wrong. This Under dog is power hungry and is a Bad Apple. The reason Microsoft is successful is because one can STILL use Windows XP, Still have support for it, and still use Windows XP applications in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft SUPPORTS their users over a long time. Sure there are issues in Windows. DRM being one of them. Crap Audio Stack which limits the use of only one Audio output device. Things of this nature, but over all Microsoft maintains support. What does Apple do for those of us still using our perfectly capable older versions of our iOS? Apple BLOCKS their older versions of Apps so we are FORCED to upgrade. One example. Apple Remote App. If I did not back up my older version by other means, there is currently NO way for me to go to the iTunes store and download it for my iOS 3.1.3. This is why Apple can eat a Dick. I have my beef with Microsoft, but Apple is even Worst. They are all BAD, we just have to pick the Lesser of the few Evils out there and so far Microsoft is the Least evil. Why? Simply because of application Support. And for this reason, I will continue to support PC Development on the Windows and Linux platforms. The PC simply WORKS. And Microsoft is now going to KILL Apple’s iPAD. The iPad is a joke. It’s a TOY. Apple markets their devices to those that are RICH and Stupid Simultaneously. These people think they are cool but they are morons. They surf the web, and make phone calls. These devices are capable of much more than just stupid Angry Birds and Text Messaging. So Microsoft is going to teach Apple a lesson on who is the Boss and Why. Although M$ needs to fix a lot of bugs and try to give us options when it comes to Audio/Video and how Windows has been handing this issue. It’s nothing that some Hardware can’t fix but M$ needs to give us more choices (Multizone Audio, Digital and Analog simultaneous Audio outs, Allow applications to take 1 data stream and send it over multiple channels simultaenously just to name a few.) This will win the hearts and souls of those of us who actually do REAL work.

  • MoMo

    very well said Alex. Watch out for Microsoft.

  • Michael Schnier

    They will win hearts and souls with an OS?

  • Thom Nguyen

    Speech i guess? To win the minds of lesser people.
    Otherwise i agree. Apples is simply to overrated for its price and is.too.simple with hardly any support for additonal featuees