Microsoft To Consider Allowing Manufacturers To Customize The Windows Phone Platform

We’ve heard many rumors lately about the possibility of Windows letting manufacturers customize their phones to create a more diverse Windows Phone experience. This model has obviously been very successful for the Android platform, but will it work for Microsoft?

According to Netbooknews, Microsoft may actually be considering it. Apparently, the company is to have a meeting with manufacturers and carriers and one of the big issues that will be discussed is “Customization and Differentiation options.” Other topics will include the latest Apollo, release plans, and development.

There are many risks involved in allowing manufacturers customize the platform, such as slowing down the update roll out process. However, Windows Phone OEMs will really try to get Microsoft to crack on the issue as they will be able to promote themselves much more than a stock platform.

What do you think? Would this be a good move for Microsoft or will this only plague the company with more troubles?

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  • IdontCare

    Don’t do this, Microsoft.

  • Kellen_miller9

    They need to allow users to have more control over the phone not the manufactuar They just need to let that phone be what any one person wants it to be. Allow multiple hub pages that scroll either horizontal or vertical. Allow any user to set up the app page to thier own prefered layout. Colunm and  Rows are a universal layout. Having a unending vertical App page is not condusive to how things are approached with todays phones