Microsoft Isn’t Slowing Down With Its iPad Bashing Advertising For Surface [VIDEO]

Despite the fact that Microsoft has seen $900 million in losses due to the Surface it isn’t done attacking the iPad just yet. Recently Microsoft has been coming out with all sorts of commercials showcasing how great the Surface is because it can do things the iPad can’t. And today the Redmond company has released a new commercial…

Microsoft Isn't Slowing Down With iPad Bashing Ads

This commercial is called Surface RT vs. iPad and in it both tablets differences are highlighted. Of course the iPad is slagged for having a small screen, lacking a kickstand and keyboard and more.

Although everything Microsoft is saying is true (mind you I don’t agree with the keyboard because it is sold separately) there is still one problem. It is obvious people don’t care about these things because if they did Microsoft wouldn’t be sitting on nearly $1 billion in unsold inventory.

I must admit, with the price drop the Surface is a good value, but that still wouldn’t be enough to convince me to buy one. What do you think? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Benlego65

    What I think is that, though Microsoft is doing everything they can to make the product seem more appealing to consumers, Microsoft will never be able to sell out all of these devices. Apple is simply too well known and loved by consumers, and typically those that might dislike Apple products would go and buy an Android powered device. Plus, many people absolutely hate the whole Windows 8 look (which is, of course, on the Surface).
    Plus, many people already just go and buy a case which could allow their iPad or Android tablet to have a stand like in the video, perhaps even getting a keyboard along with it. Or, better yet, a case that props up the tablet and has a keyboard.
    In my opinion, Microsoft is never going to manage to sell off all of their Surface tablets simply as their product is easily replaced by more well known/loved products with more/better apps (applying to both Android AND iOS), the ability to use a keyboard, etc.

  • Joshua Jones Makaveli

    Surface cost to much still I aint got no money.