Microsoft Makes Fun Of Older Versions Of Internet Explorer, Says IE9 Is The Best [VIDEO]

Microsoft has released a new video that makes fun of all the older versions of their browser Internet Explorer, and suggests that IE9 is the best and everyone should use it. We’ve all heard that before, with other versions of Internet Explorer and they all turn out to be not as good as the competition. Yet, most users still use Internet Explorer when browsing the Internet.

The new video shows a guy trying to tell everyone not to use the old versions of Internet Explorer and that it can only be used to download other browsers. Microsoft says that the new version of Internet Explorer is much better and faster than all their previous versions. They’ve even started a Tumblr blog called The Browser You Loved To Hate. Watch the video after the break.

So, what do you think of the video? Are you using Internet Explorer 9? If you are, is it really much better, stable, faster than before? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Robin Jonsson

    It’s still shit. Microsoft is just too stupid to realize.

  • Firefox

    What is internet Explorer?

  • jared reabow

    pretty much anytime i use ie9, there is something wrong , it may be the “waiting for google” text that goes on and on or the bloody would you like to deactivate tool bars popup that never goes away

  • Ajosef

    I think the best Microsoft IE browser was IE6. It was faster and more reliable.lo :)