Microsoft Claims They’ve Sold 40 Million Copies Of Windows 8 In First Month

There’s been a fair bit of controversy over Microsoft’s new operating system, but apparently that hasn’t stopped it from selling like hotcakes. The company announced in an official blog post yesterday that in the first month of public availability, Windows 8 has managed to sell over 40 million units. Not bad for an operating system no one was sure would be any good.

Of course, there’s quite a few mitigating factors here that make that number a bit less impressive than it might otherwise be. For one, Microsoft has offered up Windows 8 at an unprecedentedly low price for existing Windows users – just $40 for any on Windows XP or newer. They’ve also given away a fair number of copies to people who bought Windows 7 computers in the last couple months before Windows 8 came out. Finally, given the existing install base for the Windows operating system, 40 million is only a tiny percentage of the overall platform userbase.

Microsoft Windows 8

Despite all that, it’s not an altogether terrible showing for the new OS, given how much criticism it has faced over the last few months. From game developers calling it a “catastrophe,” to the general outcry about how different the interface is from previous incarnations of the OS, Windows 8 got off to a rocky start. While some might wish the new platform failed hard enough to make Microsoft reconsider their radical departure from the old Windows interface conventions, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen after all.

How many of you are going to upgrades to Windows 8? How many of you already have? If you aren’t planning on doing so, what’s stopping you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  • iPhone4SGuy

    I made the mistake to upgrade to windows 8. I lost support for many of my previous games, the UI is dreadful and all Microsoft have done is add 1!!!!! Layer on top of it. It cost me £15, and to top it off, my laptop broke the other day due to a windows 8 update – cost me £40 to get it repaired!

  • anonymous

    it sounds to me like you don’t know anything about computers. which from the fake name you gave yourself its understandable you wouldn’t.

  • HidariMak

    Since I got my first “new” PC in a while (compared to replacing only the parts which wore out), I chose Windows 8 for it. Fewer potential headaches with a native O/S install versus an upgrade. Since the directory structure and most of the keyboard shortcuts I use are the same, it was no big deal. Some changes have me scratching my head on why they were made (like hiding the icons for personal work folders, or the unintuitive Windows Update relocation), but it’s no biggie.

  • Djliam

    After a little install of classic shell, giving me my start button and the ability to boot to desktop, it’s all good. The OS is fast and has some nice new features. I was not convinced until the 3rd party tweak though, but am glad I can switch between classic and new interface for whichever suits my needs (saying that nothing about the new interface suits my needs, but in giving it a go)

  • Fred

    If you don’t like Windows 8 you can get your money back, which is what I did. Do a search for Windows 8 refund and you’ll find the phone number to call. It takes about 15 minutes total. You will be directed to a web site where you will “sign” and Electronic Letter of Destruction (ELOD). A few days later you will receive your refund.

  • Lorenzo Rota

    Anyone else noticed the Windows 8 logo looks similar to the Finnish flag? (but then the other way around :P)

  • iPhone4SGuy

    Coming from someone who is anonymous, thats a bit rich isnt it??!!