Major Nelson: Microsoft Sold Over 750,000 Consoles In The U.S On The Week Of Black Friday

The Xbox 360 launched on November 22nd in 2005, making it a 7 year console last week. Because of the recession that started in 2008 and lack of willingness on the part of consumers to buy a new console, the previous generation of consoles has been more long lived than usual. But even with its extended lifespan, it’s apparent that the Xbox 360 is on its final days–following the release of the Wii U and whispers of Microsoft’s next console.

Microsoft Xbox 360

So you might think that the Black Friday bundles for Xbox 360 Slims wouldn’t sell well–with prices ranging from a $149 bundle with the 4GB console Skylanders at Wal-Mart to BestBuy’s $199 bundle for a 250GB console with Forza and Skyrim. Are the deals good enough to justify buying a console that could be shelved in a year?

According to Major Nelson, Microsoft’s Director of Programming and the Xbox’s most famous rep, customers didn’t just think the deals were good, they jumped at the chance. Over 750,000 consoles were sold in the United States the week of Black Friday, Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions increased by 50%, and people were using their consoles 43% more on Xbox Live than during last thanksgiving. Now, this might not just be due to the Black Friday deals–the Xbox saw the launch of two high profile games this month in Halo 4 and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. At 7 years in, it’s safe to say the 360 platform still has life in it.

Considering all the AAA games in the 360’s library, a new 360 might not be a bad investment. The games are easy to get and they’re only going to get cheaper.

Xbox 360 Controller

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