Winocm, iOS Jailbreak Hacker, Will Be Joining Apple Later This Year

Lately there have been a lot of well known hackers in the Jailbreaking community who have been picked up by Apple.

Now we have lost another well known individual by the name of Winocm.

He has just announced over Twitter this afternoon that he will soon be joining Apple and follow in the footsteps of Comex and Peter Hajas.

At this time it isn’t known just what Winocm will be doing at Apple, but looking at past hacker hirings it is likely for an internship. Winocm has been responsible for high profile projects and Jailbreak releases so his position will likely be iOS related.

A big congratulations goes out to Winocm, it was very likely a big dream of his!

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  • Niggadamus

    fucc cuh

  • FuckAople

    Fuck they just make shitty agreement and make them sign in such a way that we don’t see them back comex fell for it and now wincom I guess I should switch to android soon.

  • TechPro

    At least it was not Saurik, we will miss Winocm as a Jailbreaker though