What’s The Deal With Taig (Taiji) And Why Did It Replace Cydia For Chinese Users?

If you have been keeping up with all the news surrounding the release of the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak then one name that probably continues to pop up is Taig or Taiji and unless you have the Chinese dictionary activated on your device you probably don’t have the slightest clue on what it is.

TaigIt turns out that the Evad3rs struck a deal with Taig (rumoured to be close to $1 million) to replace Cydia with their native Chinese installer if the main dictionary used on your iOS Device is Chinese. If Chinese is not the default language installed on your device then Taig will not be installed.

The reason why a deal was struck with Taig is because Cydia is an English based installer and although there are tweaks available to change the language of the installer it is difficult for a majority of Chinese users to figure out what they are doing. Apparently most Chinese users automatically replace Cydia with a local installer like Taig through AFC2, so having the ability to auto install Taig is a convenience.

In an official statement from the Evad3rs:

In the course of developing the iOS 7 jailbreak, we were approached by the company with an offer of partnership in offering Taig bundled with the jailbreak in China. Taig is a Chinese App Store written in Chinese. tailored and, we believe, well suited to meet the needs of users for the Chinese market. Users are not locked into Taig. Cydia can also be installed and Taig removed afterwards. It would be deeply hypocritical to remove choice from the user in the course of jailbreaking.

Taig has never asked us to disclose our exploits to them, let alone sell them. We were simply asked to bundle their third-party app store in China in a similar way we bundle and distribute Cydia around the world as an additional App Store, and in a similar way to how previous jailbreaks like blackra1n have bundled non-Cydia stores.

One of the big concerns floating around lies with the safety and security of Taig and whether or not it contains malware.

The Evad3rs further commented:

Of course, the safety and security of our users is a paramount concern, and due to the amount of close scrutiny by security professionals around the world, we offer one of the lower risk programs available for download on the Internet. We are saddened by the accusations that we would ever do such a thing, or sell weaponized exploits. If anyone ever attempted to include malware in a jailbreak, we are confident that the many security experts combing through jailbreak software would find it. The binaries are obfuscated for a similar reason to why we have in the past compiled in Cydia rather than including it as a separate file. We wish to secure the integrity of the jailbreak and discourage its use by third parties who may in fact wish to weaponize it. The obfuscation is of course not intended to deflect serious analysis by security professionals (who have quickly already fully analyzed and discussed the contents of the jailbreak), it is simply intended to prevent easy repackaging by other parties.

Yet another concern upon users diving into Taig was that it was a repo for cracked apps. Although it is true that Taig includes some shady repos by default, the company behind the installer is apparently actively working to get rid of them.

Preventing piracy is also extremely important to us. We are deeply sorry and embarrassed about the piracy that was seen today. All of us have spoken out vehemently against piracy in the past. We don’t believe it’s right for developers to not get paid for their work. In our agreement with Taig, we contractually bind them to not have piracy in their store. This was an extremely important precondition of working with them. In entering the agreement with them, we had hoped and continue to hope that our cooperation with Taig will improve the piracy situation in China. Many App Stores within China, including those run by large corporations, have many issues with pirated software. Promoting an app store that is required not to have piracy with our jailbreak, we believe, will help developers.

We are very upset that despite our agreement and review by their team, piracy was found in the store. It was not acceptable and they have been strenuously working to resolve the problem in good faith, and have removed all instances of it that we have brought to their attention. We are happy that it was not overlooked by the community. We’ve been so heads down working on the code that we didn’t see this. We are sorry. We will continue to monitor this issue and work to resolve it completely. Taig will be pulled from the jailbreak if it cannot be resolved.

So there’s the story of Taig.

Could the Evad3rs have communicated better? Absolutely, but they were also under a lot of pressure to get the Jailbreak released so it is understandable. We are just happy we finally have an iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak, aren’t you?

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  • DaveN

    It proved to me that Evad3rs is untrustworthy. They purposely made no mention of the weaponizing of their jail break. Do you really think that they are actively removing pirated software from the Chinese store? Want to buy a bridge? I have a great deal for you!

  • RustyRail

    I agree with the guy below,what were you think of,unfortuneately their (the Chinese)reputation precedes any deal made.How do make a contract with someone that has no idea what is copy right protection is,other than Evad3rs were blinded by the money.Anyone reading this will have a simplistic view that I’m slapping the Chinese race.No just the ones that have no idea what it is to be honest and what is copy right.I can hear the Apple Corporation commenting why jailbreaking shouldn’t be aloud.
    What ever steps that taken to make jailbreaking worthy of its self have shot down by this agreement with the Chinese gr

  • RustyRail

    What ever steps that taken to make jailbreaking worthy of its self have shot down by this agreement with the Chinese group Taig