Tim Cook’s Interview With Brian Williams To Air December 6th On Rock Center

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook will be making his first TV appearance next Thursday, December 6th, in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams. The interview will air on Rock Center with Brian Williams and although there is no set focus on the discussion that has been announced, it will be worth checking out to say the least. It is also worth noting that Tim Cook’s interview will be just one of three segments, with Peter Jackson, the director of The Hobbit, also making an appearance.

Tim Cook's Interview With Brian Williams To Air December 6th On Rock Center

An image tweeted by NBC of Brian Williams (left) and Tim Cook (right)

You can check out a preview of the interview below (we pre-apologize that it is in flash). Something to keep an eye out for is how the two walked through Apple’s Grand Central store in New York largely unnoticed; that is until they get to the Apple Store. Although this isn’t much of a surprise, due to the fact that Tim Cook does not have the same recognition as Steve Jobs, it is still comical because he runs one of the world’s largest companies.

CNET reports that the same day this interview with Tim Cook will be airing, the court will be also announcing whether or not Apple succeeded in banning select Samsung devices from sale in the US. If you remember correctly, Apple also received over one billion dollars from Samsung in this same trial.

If you were going to interview Tim Cook, what is one question you would ask him? Drop us a lime in the comments section below.

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