TaiG Has Been Remotely Disabled In Evasi0n Until Further Notice

Following the release of the Evasi0n7 Jailbreak came a lot of backlash from the community due to bundling the Chinese installer TaiG to their Jailbreak.

TaigAlthough TaiG is only installed if your main dictionary is set to Chinese and you actually have the option to instead install Cydia during the Jailbreak process a lot of users have privacy concerns due to the fact that TaiG is created by a sketchy software company.

There have been unconfirmed reports that TaiG is potentially malicious, sending private information back to the Chinese company that developed the software. Of course Pod2G was quick to dismiss these rumors.

It wasn’t only privacy concerns from users, however, the caused this backlash but also due to the fact that there is also pirated software on the default TaiG repos.

This was  not part of the agreement both the Evad3rs and TaiG development team came up with though and as such Pod2G announced on Twitter that TaiG has been remotely disabled until further investigations on the piracy issues have been complete.

What do you think of the whole situation surrounding Evasi0n7? Was it wrong for the Evad3rs to spark a deal with a Chinese software development company (possibly in the millions of dollars) without being transparent about it? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • ben

    I think they were right to make a deal with these chinese company. If I was giving away a product to the public for free and I had been making a lot of hours working on this, I would like to make some money for my time. So why is everybody complaining about the team getting money for their product. If you want something, you normally also have to go to a store an BUY this product you like. Why should this be any different? The public still gets everything for free. And… what is de big difference between including CYDIA for us and this Chinise version of Cydia for the people of china?

  • Loshan Thevanesan

    The problem is that the software is dodgy and is nothing like cydia, instead it is more like Installous.

  • Thom Nguyen

    Dodgy in some aspect, but really it just lacks credibility so far.

  • John Doe

    Its not the fact that they got compensated for their hardwork with a fat check but that they refused to even give notice to Saurik and his team and other developers to make sure that cydia the main store on their was working and able… Most of the jailbroken apps that i had on 6.1.4 don’t even work on iOS7 no developer has even gotten the time to work around it. It’s just a whole botched project, timing & money played a big role here and the fact that the Evad3rs left some people out who are key players in making sure that an open jailbreak for the community is safe and reliable is whats lacking. The only thing this jailbreak has given the people is a reason not to jailbreak and an uproar that will probably cause apple to patch it up faster than expected!