SOPA Just Won’t Die

The plague that is the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA, just won’t go away. It appears that talks will continue to occur beginning in February regarding the details and hopefully either complete dismissal or revision of the proposed act. Coming right from the Judicial House an official, let down:

Washington, D.C. — House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) today said that he expects the Committee to continue its markup of the Stop Online Piracy Act in February.

Chairman Smith: “To enact legislation that protects consumers, businesses and jobs from foreign thieves who steal America’s intellectual property, we will continue to bring together industry representatives and Members to find ways to combat online piracy.

“Due to the Republican and Democratic retreats taking place over the next two weeks, markup of the Stop Online Piracy Act is expected to resume in February.

“I am committed to continuing to work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to send a bipartisan bill to the White House that saves American jobs and protects intellectual property.”

As we know that many companies are pro and many are against the SOPA act. Here at iJailbreak we are strongly opposed to this act which would act as a loss of the freedom the Internet currently has. While this isn’t totally bad news as we know that the White House does not support the SOPA proposition, so we could just see a big fat veto if it ever gets that far, lets hope so.

How do you feel about the SOPA act? Share with us your opinions in the comment section below.

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  • Lol

    Screw sopa.

  • Me


  • sdlun

    wikipedia close their site just becuz of this.

  • Abductedchild

    Sopa, spanish for sup any one likes it!!!!

  • Abductedchild

    Sopa, Spanish for soup any one likes it!!!

  • Cunt stuffer

    Really? What is this, North Korea?

  • Five Go

    SOPA is retarded!!! if it passes were back to the dark ages on internet!!!! any site with a comment section (like this) will be removed (or at least the comment section will be) due to the chance someone could post something with a copyright… correct me if I’m wrong but the ones who dreamed SOPA up are all around 65 or older right??? no wonder! Majority of old ppl usually hate technology… 

  • Anonymous

    Sopa really need to pass companies are loosing big money not just hundreds but billions of money. People work hard to create their product and someone else steals it and make money off their product instead of companies making anymore money on that product. Let say if one person buy a CD and upload it to the internet most likely people will just download the music or listen off YouTube instead of buying the CD out in the store. It does not happens once but millions of time over and over. And furthermore people spend all their time on tv’s and computers all day. Even a lot of people is addicted to facebook and spend their time inside more than outside. It unhealthy and not very good for the eyes too. You disagree with me that fine you will feel the same way as me if you work for a company. If you made a great invention and keep selling it for money. But one day you found out someone else knows how to make the product exactly like yours and sold it cheaper than yours. And people would keep buying the other person product instead of your product? You would feel awful! I don’t care if i can never use the internet anymore people relies on it for everything. People don’t want sopa because they can’t go on youtube or facebook or other websites that they like but has copyright material. They love the internet so much it like their whole life. And the games they care a lot for the games instead of their own family. There too much copyrighted material all over the internet. One day it has to come down. That what i feel about sopa. You don’t agree fine just hug your computer and stay on the internet all day. 24 hours a day every day every year. Some people don’t have a life spend all their time in the computers. 

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  • Daniel Marsh

    @ccbd0dcbdc22412d74da4d241bddfd13:disqus  you retarded fuck ….learn to spell you simple prick…also its not the protection of copyrighted material that is the problem…its the fact that the SOPA bill will allow the US government to reach outside of its bounds and shut down anything they deem to be infringing without any due process …in other words if you blog about a new movie or song or piece of art and they believe its an infringement they can and will shut down the entire website and may choose to slap large fines or jail time on the owners…most of this is has been spurred on by hollywood and large music labels such as BMI and ASCAP simply to make profit which would be fine …if the money was actually going to the people that created said copyrighted material…but it doesn’t, it less than 50% of all the profit generated is mysteriously “lost in translation” due to the non-transparent schemes and tactics that large companies come up with to distribute the the revenue from the material they sell…we need to move forwards not backwards please know the subject b4 you comment on it you fucking annoying cunt