Run Siri On Android, Mac OS X And Windows [Siri’s Security Protocol Has Been Cracked]

A French Engineering firm, Applidium has managed to crack Siri’s security protocol that kept Siri limited to the iPhone 4S. This technically means that developers with the right technical understanding could port Siri to any device. This includes any model of the iPhone, iPod Touch iPad and even means Siri could be used on non-Apple devices like Android, Windows and Mac OS X.

The process on how Applidium managed to decipher Siri’s security protocol is technical and is of no use repeating for everyday users. One thing that is worth mentioning, however, is that it has been confirmed that in order to communicate to Apple’s servers from another device you will need an identifier of at least on iPhone 4S. This is because Siri requires a unique identifier every time it contacts Apple’s server, which is unique to each iPhone 4S sold. Without this identifier you cannot contact Siri’s servers… you will be denied access.

What this means, is that for the time being, you cannot connect to Apple’s servers on another device without first purchasing an iPhone 4S. And no, you will not find anyone sharing their unique identifier for their iPhone 4S, because it is possible for Apple to blacklist an identifier if there is too much traffic being reported from one single identifier.


To prove that Applidium actually deciphered Siri’s security protocol they uploaded a recording of a conversation with Siri that was not carried out on an iPhone.

If you are a developer and are interested in getting Siri to work on a device other than the iPhone 4S you can read Applidium’s full technical post by clicking here. They have even released a collection of tools for developers to easily decipher Siri’s security protocols.

For all of you wondering, this is the missing link we were talking about when we wrote our How To guide on porting the Siri GUI to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. If you have an iPhone 4S and some technical knowledge you can now get Siri fully functioning on any device!

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