RSSWidget For iOS 5: Get Your RSS Feeds In iOS 5 Notification Center [Cydia Tweak]

Following on from the first tweak released for iOS 5 that puts a nice looking UISettings bar in the Notification Center, the same developer also brings an RSSWidget.

A simple, yet effective tweak allows a customised RSS feed to be displayed in the Notification Center to bring your favourite posts from your favourite site without the need for a dedicated App, or the requirement to refresh – it handles it all in the background.

To enter the address of the RSS feed, you will need to follow this simple guide:

1. Open iFile and connect via SSH to your iPhone.

2. Navigate to the path / System / Library / WeeAppPlugins / RSSWidget.bundle /

Open the file labeled com.idevhaice.rsswidget.plist

3. Change the URL indicated by entering the URL of the desired RSS feeds.

To download and install the RSSWidget iOS 5 widget you must add the repository:

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  1. I can not install RSS, check in CYdia package, installed, but no everywhere tto turn ON and in system file no RSS Widge folder ??? what next ?
    My Iphone is 4 and firmware 5.1.1

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