RedPois0n Promises To Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 Untethered On All Devices, Is Yet Another Scam

Whenever a new Jailbreaking solution pops up on the internet that hasn’t been heard of there is a 99.9% chance that it is fake. I have outlined many times in the past that Apple is continually making Jailbreaking harder to the point where iOS is one of the hardest to exploit operating systems on the planet. This is even more so the case with the iOS 6 firmware generation, hacker @i0n1c said himself that Apple has really stepped up their game.

For a Jailbreaking solution to just pop out of know where the individual behind the Jailbreak has to be a genius when it comes to exploitation. Most Jailbreaking solutions nowadays come from the combined efforts of numerous hackers such as Pod2G, MuscleNerd and Planetbeing because doing developing an Untethered Jailbreak for a new iOS firmware is a really a full-time effort.

We have seen fake Jailbreaking solutions in the past, but I think iOS 6 has been the worst iOS iteration for attracting scammers. The Dream Jailbreak went the most viral, but there have been countless of other scams we have reported on throughout the last few months.

There is without a doubt a huge demand for an iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak and because of this there is a lot of people willing to believe anything. The bottom line is however, a legitimate Jailbreaking solution is going to come from either the iPhone Dev-Team or Chronic Dev. If you find some developer or random Jailbreaking tool on the internet and we haven’t reported on it, it is fake.

RedPois0n iOS 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Is A Scam

Today we were tipped by an anonymous reader to a website called RedPois0n that will apparently Jailbreak all devices Untethered on iOS 6.0.1, including the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. The site looks believable, in fact the individual behind this website even has a YouTube video to go along with it. The problem is however, the download links go to a website that requires you to fill out a survey to download the application. This is a quick and obvious sign that this is just a fake. Developers have never released a Jailbreak requiring you to fill out a survey and I really doubt they ever will.

If you need more proof it’s fake watch the sketchy YouTube video, consider the fact there is no personal affiliation with the site (a developer Twitter handle or email address) etc. Please don’t reward the individuals behind these sites by trying to download these fake Jailbreak applications, every time you do you are putting money in their pockets. If you are feeling generous consider donating to the Jailbreaking community.

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  • GOD

    I don’t even care about the jailbreak anymore, its taking too long.

  • Bryan Mendez

    I’m still on 5.1. I want to upgrade but I can’t imagine using iTunes again and losing my PwnTunes >.>

    I’m considering switching to an Android.

  • zwabbit

    u’re not alone on this thought. I’ve bought all the toys they threw out there, with the lack of support for a jailbreak, I think a lot of ppl will slowly adapt Android.

  • CoolMinded

    Why is Cydia not working with itools. Itools make it easy to install other apps and not have to worry about jailbreaking. Itools is not fake, you don’t have to take a survey just to download the free software.


    is this shit for real?

  • iSS

    android is much a better option than this cat and mouse game with ios. I on android now and my iphone is my brand new paper weight..

  • hyllal apple

    How about Rocky Racoon 2.0b1? please review it. Thanks

  • Pierce Smith

    I just downloaded it today… No surveys

  • Chan Ho Chung Charlie

    no surveys, I downloaded it, I think it is more believable