New Notification Center Concept Refines Notification Center To Better Fit With Apple’s Guidelines

I’ve never had a problem with the stock Notification Center. I made the switch happily from Notified Pro when I upgraded to iOS 5 and never looked back. While I like having plugins in the Notification Center, I never felt it needed a major overhaul. That was until I saw this concept.

The Notification Center Redesigned: Alex Saretzky Concept

Alex Saretzky explains that the Notification Center’s small X buttons don’t follow Apple’s own guidelines.

Designer Alex Saretzky noticed that the little Xes in the Notification Center are only 20 pixels in diameter, below the 40 pixel minimum that the iOS Human Interface Guidelines specify. Their small size makes it easy to miss the button and accidentally hit a notification, closing the Notification Center to launch the app, which is a pain. What’s more is, unlike the popup banners, you can’t just swipe to dismiss these notifications–it doesn’t work and, again, you’ll likely launch the app instead.

The Notification Center Redesigned: Alex Saretzky Concept

Swipe right to remove blocks of notifications.

Saretzky’s solution is to make the notifications that appear in the Notifications Center look more like the notification banners that briefly pop in at the top of the screen, both in terms of style and function  Want to delete a notification? Swipe left. Want to delete a block of notifications? Swipe right. Saretezky also removes the ‘linen’ background for a dimmed screen–similar to BlurriedNCBackground, and introduces a number of different possible notification center launch animations, similar to what we’ve seen in Flowtation and Zephyr.

As someone who doesn’t mind the current look of Notification Center, I’d use Saretzky’s overhaul in a heartbeat. This needs to be sold to Apple or made into a Cydia tweak. Check out Alex’ website; he also includes a design for the Mac and the iPad.

The Notification Center Redesigned: Alex Saretzky Concept

The alternative animations resemble tweaks available on Cydia.

What do you think of the Notification Center concept? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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