N64iOS Emulator Still Being Worked On By ZodTTD, Release Expected Shortly After iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak

I remember using N64 Emulator when it was first released and really enjoyed its functionality, despite its buggy nature. As new iOS versions were released however, N64 Emulator, later renamed to N6iOS in May, became even less enjoyable to the point where it hardly functioned due to limited support for ROMs, graphical glitches and faulty controls.

After N64iOS was released its developer ZodTTD acknowledged the buggy nature of the emulator and promised an update would be coming which would revamp the entire user interface, ROM manager, and controls. Since we were promised that update progress on it has been scarce. With the news of the Untethered iOS 6.x coming and the obvious financial incentive, ZodTTD has stated over Twitter that he is working on N6iOS as we speak with Drunkenbass refreshing the user interface.

It is no question that almost all of ZodTTD’s emulators could use an update and hopefully this happens with the release of the iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak. A Twitter user by the name of Dexwell_ tweeted a control scheme that could be implemented across almost all of ZodTTD’s emulators that I certainly hope ZodTTD takes notice of.


Something else interesting that was brought up by ZodTTD on Twitter was the fact that it is unlikely we will see a developer sneak and N64 Emulator into the Apple App Store, like has been the case previously with Mame emulators. This is because “ it really needs the JIT CPU emulation core to be useful. I don’t think sandboxed iOS 5 and 6 allow JITs.

If anything all this talk of emulators gets me even more excited for the release of the iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak that at the time of writing this article is about 75% completed.

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  • Mario

    When will it comes out???!??!

  • Luigi

    Another lifetime…