MuscleNerd States There Is No A5+ Bootrom Exploit

To start the week off we had a ton of exciting news to share in the Jailbreaking community. First off none other than P0sixninja announced his new project called OpenJailbreak that aims at making developing Jailbreaks easier. Then Ryan Petrich shared a screenshot of Activator running on what appeared to be a Jailbroken 5th generation iPod Touch running iOS 7.

MuscleNerd States There Is No A5+ Bootrom Exploit

After Petrich shared this image many started to wonder whether or not a bootrom exploit had been discovered as previously rumored by P0sixninja. As the two announcements back-to-back seemed kind of strange to not be a coincidence.


Sadly MuscleNerd chimed in today over Twitter stating that there is no A5+ bootrom exploit and not even a bootrom dump. Although this crushes hopes of having all A5 devices Jailbroken for life via a tethered Jailbreak like A4 devices, MuscleNerd has remained optimistic the end of Jailbreaking is nowhere in sight.

Were you expecting a bootrom exploit? Are you disappointed? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Ethyn Resausk

    It’d be nice if they put off jailbreaks for a while and started on a bootrom exploit hell…Been since 2010 since they found one for the A4.

  • Justin Grover

    Why bother it would only get patched again in next version of the chip. Also the devices grow old fast so there is no use, spending more time on user land is the way to go, that allows jailbreaking across devices regardless of what chipset it uses.

  • Ethyn Resausk

    True I suppose.

  • Alu Zeros

    Ios 7 jailbreak will be epic