Microsoft Actually Applauds The Developer Behind The Windows RT Jailbreak

Yesterday the big news was that Windows RT was essentially ‘Jailbroken’ to run unsigned code and full desktop applications. This means you aren’t limited to just installing apps from the official Windows Store, you can actually compile your own applications. Unfortunately this ‘Jailbreak’ doesn’t come without its set of limitations, with the biggest being a lot of libraries are missing to run most commercial software. Regardless, this is still an impressive feat and one step on a long road that could eventually lead to a full-fledged desktop experience on Windows RT.

If you know anything about Apple and Jailbreaking, it is that the company isn’t fond of it and stops at nothing to try to end it. This is what we refer to as the never ending cat and mouse game.

Microsoft on the other hand has had a history at actually encouraging and congratulating developers for tweaking its operating system. According to The Verge, this is exactly the response Microsoft has given to this Windows RT hack.

Windows RT Jailbreak

Here you can see Windows RT, in desktop mode, running Windows 95 in the Bochs emulator.

While Microsoft debates the usability of the Jailbreak, a spokes person was quick to “applaud the ingenuity of the folks who worked this out and the hard work they did to document it. [It is] not something the average user could, or reasonably would, leverage as it requires local access to a system, local administration rights and a debugger in order to work.”

As for whether the Redmond company plans to patch the exploit or not, the spokesperson said he cannot guarantee it will still be there in future releases of Windows RT. Now if only Apple acted more like Microsoft when it came to Jailbreaking…

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  • Javier

    I own a Microsoft Surface and, in my opinion, the only thing that keep the Surface from being on of the best tablets out there are the limitation to the Windows App Store. It would be ridiculous to expect an app store as Apple or Android but Microsoft could beat that if they allow us to run any desktop applications on Windows RT. If so, I would there to say Surface could be the best tablet out there.