JailbreakCon (WWJC) 2012 Website Now Live With A Prospective Venue In California!

Last year the worlds first Jailbreak conference, MyGreatFest was held in London and was quite a success. Well-known hackers to the Jailbreaking community such as P0sixninja (Joshua Hill) and even Saurik (Jay Freeman) were in attendance making the event something not to forget. Due to the success of MyGreatFest it was being rumoured that there would be another convention planned in the United States during the year of 2012. It looks like this rumour has now become a reality as the new, rebranded conventions website, JailbreakCon has just gone live.

JailbreakCon 2012

As last years venue for JailbreakCon was situated in London, it made it hard for a lot of people in North America to attend. For those of you who couldn’t make it to JailbreakCon due to the location of the event you will be glad to know that currently JailbreakCon is planned to take place in California some time this year. Nothing is set in stone at this time, however, so the location could change, but we are remaining optimistic for a venue somewhere on the West Coast of the USA.

If you are looking for more information on JailbreakCon we suggest visiting their official website by clicking here, or checking out their Twitter @JailbreakCon. We will keep you updated when more information is available on JailbreakCon such as a confirmed location, date, speakers etc. Until that time please leave any questions or thoughts about JailbreakCon 2012 in the comments section below. Are you excited?


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