Developer And Hacker Chpwn (Grant Paul) Is Now Interning At Facebook

If you have been in the Jailbreaking scene for any number of years I am sure you have heard the alias @Chpwn, otherwise known as Grant Paul, tossed around a few times. This is because Chpwn has been an active developer and hacker in the Jailbreaking community since its beginnings. He is responsible for several popular iOS Cydia tweaks and is even a contributor to the Cydia open source project. Some of Chpwn’s most popular Cydia tweaks include the Infiniapps lineup, ProSwitcher, Gridlock and so many more!

Recently Chpwn mentioned on Twitter that today was his first day as an intern at Facebook. For those of you that know of the hacker GeoHot, who was responsible for the original iPhone unlock and has also developed a few Untethered Jailbreaks, you may also remember he served as an intern at Facebook for a brief while.

Chpwn Intern At Facebook

It seems like Facebook is very interested in individuals who have worked closely along the iOS platform for a number of years. This could indeed point to the fact that Facebook is trying to recruit talented individuals to work on a “Facebook smartphone” or very simply to help make their iOS apps better. Regardless of the reason Facebook gave Chpwn an internship, it is no doubt that he deserved it and we would like to congratulate him on this achievement!

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    Thats right, he deserves it. Congrats and thanks for his hard work over the years.