iOS 8 Beta Jailbreak Achieved By I0n1c [IMAGE]

We recently told you that famous iOS hacker I0n1c was working on an iOS 8 jailbreak. Apple seeded the first iOS 8 beta to developers earlier this week. Today, I0n1c tweeted a picture showing an iPod Touch 5th gen jailbroken on iOS 8 beta firmware.


I0n1c was able to SSH into the iOS 8 beta running on an iPod Touch 5th gen using his Mac. To SSH into an iOS device, it needs to be jailbroken. He did not post a picture of the iPod Touch or Cydia running on it. Probably because he had previously stated that he isn’t sure if Cydia was going to run on the iOS 8 beta.


The osversion: 12A4265u shown in the above picture is of the iOS 8 beta firmware. And you can clearly see that I0n1c was able to enter the root directory /private/var/mobile on the iPod Touch.

We’re not sure if he will be releasing this jailbreak, as he had previously said that he won’t be releasing the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak. However, this is some amazing work by the hacker and we hope he gets a fully working jailbreak on iOS 8 beta.

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  • Harvey Bolton

    To be honest, its clear Jailbreaking is getting harder and harder because apple keep patching things up; in order to keep as many exploits open as possible the jailbreakers should just keep quiet until iOS 8 is released publicly, if the jailbreakers announce they have found vulnerabilities then Apple will just work harder to find them and patch them before the Gold Master/Public Release date. If Jailbreakers keep silent then Apple won’t divert more of their engineers to look for and fix exploits because they dont know for sure they exist, we all know the first iOS 8 Jailbreak wont be released until the public version is out and we all know it will be jailbroken eventually so theres not much point in talking about it, just have patience and dont update from iOS 7 until the iOS 8 Jailbreak is out (If your iOS 7 Device is Jailbroken) you arent missing out on much, update another device you own to ios 8 if you want to experience it that badly


    Also the fact Apple keep nicking tweaks and adding them into their iOS versions.

  • Dani Hayes

    Apple can patch as many exploits as they want because new exploits will always be found with any update.

  • Alexey Solonets

    Yes but so slooow

  • i0n1c

    amazing how far one single picture can spread across the whole internet hehe

  • omghilly

    But will OP deliver? Or is OP a tease?

  • Dani Hayes

    Keep it private. I actually understand your reasons for not releasing exploits. Even though I used the evaders jailbreak I will not donate to them, ever.

  • mike

    its fake. He has changed the ios information

  • Avery

    I’m on the ios 8 beta currently