iOS 7 Jailbreak For The iPhone 4 Is Coming Soon

The only iOS Device that has an A4 chip and can run iOS 7 is the iPhone 4 and because it has an A4 chip it means to can technically be be Jailbroken. This is of course thanks to the LimeRa1n bootrom exploit that means any device with an A4 chip is essentially Jailbroken for life.

So where’s the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak for the iPhone 4?

jailbreak ios firmware iphone 5

It’s coming! BigBoss has overheard that that a Jailbreak is indeed coming for the iPhone 4 running iOS 7, but unfortunately it will be a tethered Jailbreak. As a new userland exploit would need to be discovered to make it Untethered and this is of course being saved for the public release of the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak for all iOS Devices.

Regardless this is some good news for owners of the iPhone 4 who updated to iOS 7 and would still like to reclaim their Jailbreak before the rest of the world. We will keep you updated if we hear more, until that time stay tuned.

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  • jmancill1

    That greats news

  • Harry

    what about iPhone 4S?

  • Arslan Hamid

    And What about iphone 5 ..??

  • peto7532159


  • peto7532159


  • JOE

    When’s the 5 and 4s coming who cares about I phone 4 get with the times

  • Potato

    Upgrading from 6.1.2 was the worst thing I ever did. I miss untethered so much.

  • Tomato

    Same here I though i would be able to jailbreak it after, but sadly no

  • Alex

    Dumb ass.

  • Alex

    I was forced to because of trying to install Siri on iPhone 4. :( I found out the hard way that SHSH blobs only work when Apple is supporting that firmware. But thank goodness I use iPhone 4.

  • Alex

    -_-” idiot. It was said again and again that they would never untether jailbreak the 6.1.3 firmware, nor 6.1.4. There’s only two ways to go back: downgrade via SHSH blobs (which you would have to had extracted when 6.1.2 was still being signed by Apple, or you could tether jailbreak 6.1.3 and use Cydia to download evaders and then convert the tethered jailbreak to untethered.

  • Chase

    Excuse me you prick. Some of us can afford brand new iphones.

  • JOE

    I know we can lol

  • Test

    What about iPad mini? -.-

  • Ivette Torres

    whats up with the rudeness!?!!? we all want the same damn thing!!

  • Wizard


  • NoobFlamer

    Dammit, you morons, stop asking about anything newer than iPhone 4 or iPad 2!!! Do your fucking research and then you’ll know WHY the newer iDevices can’t be jailbroken as easily. Jumpin Jehovah’s Witnesses, you dumbasses are annoying AND lazy…

  • Go


  • FuckinNewbies

    he just fuckin explained it why the fuck are yall asking about other phones read the fuckin shit and dont skim threw it dumb fucks.

  • Jordan Castillo

    I agree with Joe working on iPhone 4 is pointless when you could be working on the iPhone 5/5s nobody cares about the iPhone 4 anymore

  • nadroJ ollitsaC

    Nobody cares about you Jordy!

    Jordy.. sounds gay!

  • Test

    What about iPad 3? -.-

  • Blew

    4th line you repeated the word “be” twice.

  • JOE

    Thanks for saying that because people being rude at me was not the point I wasn’t insulting people who can’t afford 4s or 5 I was just simply making a point of getting with the times us guys who go out and buy the newer iPhones buy them on the point of having a jailbreak so I don’t care if they are doing it for the iPhone 4 I think people calling me names and stuff are said cause if they had brought the new iPhone on ios 7 they would say the same here isn’t made for insults

  • JOE

    God I research enough but saying fuck the iPhone 4 get with the times is not the point any of you rude people are on about grow a brain

  • Jeroen Woltjes

    Look Joe, not everyone can afford the newest models. I recently got my first iphone 4, and our family doesnt have the money we used to have. The iphone 4 is still being sold, and millions of people own one, so for them a tethered jailbreak is great, a userland is great for everybody, but hell of a lot harder

  • JOE II

    Haha. You’re dumb.

  • iPhone4ROCKS

    Hello! :)

  • Nooblisten

    To all noobs, only A4 device are jailbroken for the time being. For A5 and above device, you have to wait

  • Jesse martin

    I jail broke my phone with ios7break. com, it’s untethered and works with any iOS.

  • flowjbx

    FAKE!!! bitch!!!!

  • flowjbx

    Correct Jordan it makes sense and nadroJ, STFU!!!!

  • Banana

    Phones where like 30 Dollars back before the iPhone was invented. The iPhone 4 is still relevant. The reason that the iPhone 4 Jailbreak is coming before the 5/5s is because the processor (which has a slightly different ‘kernel’) is more vulnerable.
    Even though you definitely get what you pay for, (iPhone 5) a iPhone 4 will still be in the budget for many individuals.

  • Charles

    I bought iPad 4G with retina display but i still enjoy my iPhone 3gs more… still i don’t like iPhone5s, when the jailbreak of iOS7 comes out, maybe i will grab it but my 3gs ain’t going anywhere… now i want iPhone4

  • Gav

    People please!!! They have to start somewhere.. Im glad its my phone getting the untether.. Ios 7 kinda sucks..
    But in order for the 5 to get jb they gotta fid exploits.. Where better to start than the most vulnerable phone

  • Berny

    I have a iPhone 4 with 5.11 (the best iOS in IMHO) running. It was easy and I had no problems to downgrade from 6.12 to 5.11. Will it still be possible to downgrade to 5.11 from 7.x ?

    Thank you

  • Berny

    @ that arrogant idiot JOE: the iPhone 4 was the last iPhone from Apple I bought. The others are too big and not comfortable. I will use it as long as I can and as far it is not possible to print mails from iPhone to my printer with newer iOSs I will stick to 5.11 !!! I could easily afford new ones but why should I ? Just to have a newer but worse ? Bullshit !

    Obviously you are a really Apple Shareholder or what ?

  • Berny

    and BTW: Why should I buy a new iPhone 5s ? Just to send my fingerprint directly to the NSA ?

  • Martin

    Dude, they are working on them all not just the iphone 4, and they’ve made some progress by discovering an exploit for the iphone 4, so just give them some time and you will hear the good news!

  • Ethyn Resausk

    SHSH blobs will always work on A4 and lower devices regardless if Apple is signing them or not. They can be used to downgrade back to what ever firmware you want be on, if you have that firmwares blob before Apple stopped signing. Programs like Sn0wBreeze allow you to do such things.

  • Chris

    Hey Joe, the reason they have the iPhone 4 jailbreak sooner is because iPhone 4 is easier to jailbreak. The other, more recent iPhones are a lot harder to jailbreak, but they ARE working on it.

  • Chris

    You really shouldn’t use “gay” as an insult. It’s really rude.

  • Chris

    The fingerprint feature is optional. Besides, the NSA doesn’t care about your fingerprints unless you’re a terrorist or else you’ve been doing other suspicious activity. You also shouldn’t care if the NSA has your fingerprint unless you’ve been doing something very illegal.

  • Pradeep Pillai

    dude just cuz a JB for iphone 4 is in the works it doesnt mean that they stopped working on the iphone 4s/5/5s/5c….. its coming….. but those devices are much harder to jailbreak because they have to find a new exploit everytime there is a software upgrade….. the iphone 4 on the other hand has a bootrom exploit that can be exploited regardless of firmware version…..

  • Pradeep Pillai

    dude i got bad news for you…. this particular JB will be tethered….. the untethered JB for iphone 4 will come out along with the others….

  • David Myers

    the first hour i had iOS 7 on my iPhone 4 i tried to jailbreak with limerain on redsnow with a 6.0, 6.1 and a 6.1.2 ipsw. None of which worked. i got stuck at the “loading jailbreak” at the end of the whole matrix loooking code on the iphone screen. so it still has to be redone.

  • Chris<3sPenis

    Fuck off… fag.

  • Alex

    Hence you just confirmed what I said. Nobody expects to have to restore their phone or that they might otherwise update their phone, accidentally. Therefore, nobody would reasonable enough and precarious enough to extract the shsh blob while Apple is signing, especially if they didn’t know about the trick before Apple stopped signing.