iOS 6.1.3 Is Not Jailbreak Safe, Evasi0n’s Exploits Have Been Patched By Apple

6 weeks after the Evad3rs released the Untethered iOS 6.x Jailbreak, the fun has finally come to a close. Apple released the iOS 6.1.3 firmware today that patches the exploits used by Evasi0n to Jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Untethered on iOS 6.0 to 6.1.2.

The patch does not come as a surprise because we were warned iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 patched Evasi0n by Forbes a couple weeks back.

MuscleNerd warned Jailbreakers to stay away from iOS 6.1.3 upon its release and further reiterated the point that there is no coming back to iOS 6.1.2 even if you have saved SHSH Blobs. The only exception being devices vulnerable to LimeRa1n such as the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation. Newer devices like the iPhone 5 will not be able to be downgraded if you accidentally update to iOS 6.1.3… so be careful.

iOS 6.1.3 Kills The Evasi0n iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak

As MuscleNerd also points out, Apple gave hat tips to the Evad3rs for 4 of the 6 exploits they patched in this iOS firmware update.

Considering Apple patched so many exploits used by Evasi0n, it is very unlikely the Evad3rs will be able to combat this firmware update as a whole new set of vulnerabilities will need to be discovered. Likely the Evad3rs will hold off until the release of iOS 7 before another Jailbreak is created.

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  • blu

    Well crap, I started having issues with my iPhone this morning (the camera app is gone) and was debating a restore to fix it. I am on 6.1.1, can I still restore to 6.1.1?

  • Guest

    restore to 6.1.2 while its still been signed download and shift restore

  • Tender Vittles

    You can manually download and restore to 6.1.2, apple is still signing it at the moment.

  • James

    If you’re on an A4 device then yes but if you have a new ipad, Mini or iPhone 5 then no, your only option is to update to 6.1.3 with no jailbreak or if Apple are still signing 6.1.2, which I don’t know if they are as I haven’t checked, you can update to that firmware by downloading the firmware file and manually selecting it in iTunes.

  • Nikki R

    I completely missed that 6.1.3 came out today, and updated my iPhone
    over OTA (it said it was updating to 6.1.2) thinking the jailbreak would
    work – then when I plugged into iTunes it actually updated to 6.1.3. -_-

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but can I still download 6.1.2, restore
    via that IPSW file, and then restore all my settings back on it after
    that? (I backed everything up before I updated the first time to
    6.1.3)…. just want to make sure I’ll be able to restore settings/files
    again with my previous backup…

  • Ethyn Resausk

    Uhm…either your a trolling moron, or you forget as soon as they release a new firmware they stop signing the last firmware.

  • Ethyn Resausk

    Depends on the device and if your Blobs were saved as he mentioned only the devices like the iPhone 4, Touch 4, and anything lower can be downgraded.

  • MixXx K

    Not true, a friend updated to 6.1.3 like a dummy, and the shift restore back to 6.1.2 worked just fine.

  • FuckApple

    Well it sometimes works, while the 6.1.2 was released, i was able to restore my device to 6.1.1

  • FuckApple

    Like Ethyn says if you are on iPhone 4S or above you are fucked by apple

  • MixXx K

    it will only work for a limited time, when a new fw is launched, u cant expect to go back on a older fw weeks later….

  • MixXx K

    yes u can