iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak [Status]

The question that is constantly on everyone’s mind is when will the untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak be released? Though such a question is not easy to answer, we have heard mixed information from numerous developers across the Jailbreaking community about the iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak. Thus, I am going to do my best to provide a clear and concise answer to when the untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak will be released (or at least it’s current status at this time).

Before we start talking about the iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak, however, we are going to clear up some other frequently asked questions.

Can you Jailbreak the official iOS 5 firmware?

Yes. You can Jailbreak the official iOS 5 firmware with the RedSn0w Jailbreaking tool (compatible with Mac OS X and Windows) as well as the Sn0wBreeze Jailbreaking tool (compatible with Windows). At this time, however, when you Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the official iOS 5 firmware it is a tethered Jailbreak. Meaning that every time you loose power to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you will need to plug your iDevice back into your computer and re-boot using RedSn0w/iBooty. If you would like to Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware tethered you can click here.

Why Jailbreak the official iOS 5 firmware?

As the iOS 5 firmware contains over 200 new features for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, a lot of people are wondering is it still worth it to Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware. My answer to this question is without a doubt – Yes. The iOS 5 firmware comes a ton of new functionality that really improves your iDevice; Because there is so much new functionality it gives developers even more ideas on how to tweak the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for the better. Take Notification Center tweaks for example. The stock iOS 5 notification center is great but it becomes ten times better when you have the ability to install 3rd party tweaks. And even though the iOS 5 firmware is a great improvement in the iOS operating system it is still lacking functionality that tweaks such as SB-Settings provides.

Can you Jailbreak iOS 5 Untethered?

At this time you cannot Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware untethered. While there has been paid software circulating the Internet promising an untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak (like FastRa1n v5.0), it is nothing more than a scam to take your money. Do not be fooled, at this time, there is no way to Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware untethered.

Note: iPhone 3GS users can Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware untethered if they are running the old bootrom.

When will iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak be released?

The iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak is currently being worked on by numerous developers across the Jailbreaking community such as the Chronic Dev-Team. According to P0sixninja (head of Chronic Dev), who spoke at MyGreatFest, there are numerous iOS 5 untethered exploits available. Meaning Jailbreaking the iOS 5 untethered should not be a very big issue. It is just a matter of converting one of their exploits into a usable Jailbreaking solution such as GreenPois0n. Additionally, i0n1c (responsible for an untethered Jailbreak in the past) mentioned that the iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak was already covered by other people.

We will keep you updated on the status of the iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak. Until that time please stay tuned…

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  • Anthoniebeuker

    Also for iPad 2 soon?(à)

  • Jaden Ellett

    I think that is why developers are taking longer than expected to release an untethered Jailbreak. Also if an iPad 2 untethered Jailbreak is released an iPhone 4S Jailbreak should follow because they have the same bootrom!

  • Orisitme

    This article title is a little bit attention-whory or is it me ?

  • Edwin Leung

    When it says, “Note: iPhone 3GS users can Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware untethered if they are running the old bootrom,” does it mean that my 3GS (on 4.3.3), with the modem firmware 6.15.00 will work?

    In that case, is it unlockable via Cydia if I do that??

    I also have another 3GS, locked under another provider with iOS5, not sure about the modem firmware, but it’s never been unlocked or jailbroken before, is that one jailbreakable and unlockable?

  • Ethan

    I believe P0sixninja didn’t mention there being a lot of jailbreak opportunities for ios 5 I think he said that he has a lot of exploits but it’s going to take 5/6 of them (can’t remember the exact number) to get the jailbreak to run properly. which would take a lot of time to string together.

  • helper

    The old iBoot version was 359.3 and the new version is iBoot 359.3.2.1.Serial Number Method :Check at the 3rd, 4th and 5th numbers in your serial number. If your serial number digits are “939” OR LOWER, its OLD bootrom. If you’re serial number digits are “940” or HIGHER, its NEW bootrom.

  • helper

    new version is iBoot 359.3.2.________1.Serial Number Method..
    this is what i meant, it joined for some reason.
    just take the 1 out completely.

  • James

    Since I updated to ios 5 safari has been stuffing up after a while of surching the Internet it got out of it by its self any1 know what’s happing

  • Just so sexy

    I really want to jailbreak my iPod 4g but I can’t ;P and I an not going to jailbreak with a tethered jailbreak as I have done that before with 3.4.4 and my iPod went into recovery mode 3 times!!! As from then I will only jailbreak untethered

  • Just so sexy

    Ooops *4.3.4*

  • Edwin Leung

    So this means I can upgrade to iOS 5 and get the untethered jailbreak on my 3GS? It’s 927.
    If yes, will it still be unlockable? 

  • Ayesha_jillani518

     same was the problem with mine as well when i upgraded on 4.3.5 , for this u hav to either downgrade to 4.3.3 or u hv to wait for the release of untethered jailbreak for ios 5 ??

  • Rana Farooq

     don’t upgrade ur iphone 3gs on ios 5 bcoz untethered jailbreak for ios 5 on iphone 4 or 3gs has not been yet released…

  • hermanto

    i have an iphone 4 running ios4, if i want upgrade it to ios5, do i need to restore my iphone?

  • Zhu Hang

    already 24/10/2011, all iOS 5.0 untethered JB status were old, can u guys update the date too? So we can actually know that its not yet released until now….
    The topic date is too absolute….

  • Gayshit


  • Rob Kaplan

    So basically this article provides nothing.  No news on un-tethered jailbreak.  Hey bloggers!  stop writting this crap.  When an un-tethered jailbreak comes out then report it.  Nobody cares about a tethered jailbreak, which is garbage or some new “semi” tethered jailbreak. 

  • Steve Jobs


  • Ahmad

    guys plz let me knw i was using last update just before os5 n was working well but today i upgraded it to os5 and sim failure ,no services, not a compatible sim is showing tho i can use all applications but cant use sim as its searching alwys.
    i got this i phone from california us but now was using with geevey & airtel sim in india.
    any solution regarding os 5 ????

  • Rickyrocks2305

    where r u from?

  • Ricky

    ur phone is factory locked….thats y all dis happen….all u need is take ur phone to gaffar market and consult any shopkeeper regarding this issue..

  • There u go

    Yes it will be if its old bootrom. Just install ultrasn0w from cidya afr jailbreaking with the latest redsn0w.

  • There u go

    i hope you know how to upgrade when your baseband is 6.15.0. You use custom firmware made from new redsn0w not the stock one.

  • Nina

    Thank you! Any idea why MyWi wouldn’t work with the IOS5 Teathered jailbreak? I was told it won’t work anymore so I am thinking, whats the point? When will it work?? Thanks You are the BEST :) Nina

  • doug

    there is no iOS 5 Untethered being worked on. just like the SHAtter Jailbreak is NOT real.. if it was real they would have released it already as the iPhone4s does not have the same chip is the iphone4 nor the ipods.. its just a way for ppl beveling there is groups working on the untethered just to get ppl to donate $$ that it that’s all no untethered


    Come on….Release it already…

  • nknight

    I have a 3GS (old bootrom) with 4.0 and baseband 5.11.07.  I want to upgrade to ios5, since it looks like I can do this untethered. I used snowbreeze 2.8b8 to cook a custom ios5 firmware, but what do i do after i install it via itunes? What software do i use that does the actual jailbreak?

  • Ahmad jafri

    ok dear…. i did this way but this time many people r saying u cant brk OS 5 ..why u’ve updated without knowledge now ur phone is just a i pod. >>> 

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  • Josh

    my serial is 936 and modem firmware is 05.16.05 on 3gs
    currently running stock os5 what is the exact way for jailbreaking untethered?
    I cant be left without service with work and I REALLY miss it being jailbroken.
    Thanks for any help!

  • guest


  • Pth

    Yes, your “Gaffar” market gave you accurate information. If you upgraded to iOS 5, you have unfortunately upgraded your baseband to 4.11.x. Gevey does not support this baseband so your iPhone is a glorified iPod until a new gevey sim or ultrasn0w comes out.


  • Vladtherad

    you just crushed my dreams. They probably are because if they do, they will get a ton more money!

  • Pau1

    It has never taken more than 1 or 2 exploits…. And the exploits ARE the jailbreaking opportunities and there are well over 20 of them.

  • Eddiezverev

    Guys there are ways to “DOWNGRADE” from ios 5! its not hard at all!! just look it up in youtube!, you can downgrade to 4.3 and jailbreak it unteathered, but if you wish to stay on ios 5 then your outta luck :(

  • Phoenix’Lanay

    you shouldnt have updated to ios 5 , until the official jailbreak for it came out. Im still running 4.3.5 and have thought about updating to ios5. But I have been giving extrememly mixed views on it all. So ill wait until the official jailbreak comes out. Try to restore your iphone and then download a different ios (other than 5) and jailbreak from there …. hope this helps if not go to a store that specializes in these types of jailbreaks

  • Dikshant

    dudeeee i gt an itouch with os5 if i downgrade it and want to jailbreak it which softwaree is the best? untethered

  • Austincowboys

    use ultrasnow the new one and it should work

  • Brightbaffour

    Thanks for your great job love u all

  • Anonymous

    There are people working on untethered jailbreaks, people like the dev team all of that. They are working on it, but it takes time to make sure it’s ready and all.

  • Palika

    Beware when attempting to do a tethered jailbreak… you run the riks of fouling up everything. I tried to do it with Redsn0w 9.9.b7- complete failure. It confirmed that the process has been successfully completed, but then for Cydia to become active, I had to do a tethered reboot, which wiped out pretty much everything. I was left with an empty Newsstand and the Weather icon. Nothing helped. I had to do a complete restore from scratch.

  • Gonzo

    Yes it may be possible, but there are people who own iPad’s and iPhone 4’s who would like to jailbreak their device untethered without losing features. I’m also waiting for the untethered jailbreak for my iPhone 4s.

  • Cool_me_ankan

    thanks man

  • ishan

    which is the best site to jailbreak from

  • iamraymond

    Is it possible to remove the jailbreak from the phone without having to reactivate it?  I jailbroke my phone to get it activated (redsnow) and to get Facetime/iMessage to work (SAM + iPusher + replace carrier.plist).  Now that I’ve done these, I don’t really need to have my phone jailbroken. Having the phone boot as tethered is a real pain, and the semi-tether doesn’t work with my Gevey unlock.

  • Donjffrs30

    Well if half of you people should know always do a backup before jailbreaking!! I hate it when people wine and complaine that they lost info after the jb process and who cares what the bloggers post any news is good news the almost have it figured out and it was 5 exploits that was found by p0sixninja and also the bug that was found as well that will be responsible for the untethered jailbreak read and pay attention people

  • Tommy Kay

    A big headline with almost no new or interesting info.  A villager in Bolivia could have given us this vague bit of news.

  • Ravibabu76

    Hi, may be  your phone is locked, as i am also faced same problem, but i unlocked my phone with help  of M/s.Timek Telecom in Jayanagar Ph: 080-65623253.  They will solve your problem.

    Ravi Babu

  • Hanzoo

    mi 3gs es new bootrom, entente restaurarlo a ios5, no me deja ,siempre me sale error 2005 lo entente en varios pcs y nada , lo restaure a old bootrom , y voila lo hace pero no arranca
    les agradesco una ayuda gracias

  • Bawb

    Chronic Dev Team are currently working on ios5 untethered jailbreak. Also, SHAtter was a real exploit but never made it into an official jailbreak, because geohot released limera1n 4.2.1 before Chronic Dev could release GP. The Chronic Dev Team decided not to release the SHAtter exploit an instead use geohot’s exploit because it would be a waste of a perfectly good exploit to do so. Unfortunately, the SHAtter exploit does not work on devices with above A5 processors, and was never used.

  • mother fucker

    waste of time

  • mother fucker

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