iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Progress Update: Pod2g Already Bypassed ASLR

For those of us following Pod2g’s 5.1 jailbreak saga, we have some more good news. It seems that Apple’s latest Address Space Layout Randomization scheme wasn’t as tough to break as anticipated. Pod2g announced on Twitter this morning that he was able to bypass ASLR. The next step of the project is to execute code on the unjailbroken devices using a ROP payload. The goal of which is to allow software to write to the phone’s kernel memory.

When Pod2g announced that he had found all the exploits required for a jailbreak on Wednesday, Grant Paul (@chpwn) cautioned his followers on Twitter that the exploits don’t mean a jailbreak exists, and that it could take months for anyone to have access to a fully working version of the jailbreak. While Pod2g’s latest breakthrough is encouraging news, keep in mind that Pod2g is working on this jailbreak in his own time for free and there’s no promised release date for any new jailbreak.

That said, for those of you stuck between iOS 5.1 and 4.3.3 there is a light at the end of the tunnel. How far away it is still remains to be seen.

Are you saddled with a iOS 5.1 “upgrade” you can’t undo? Let us know how it happened in the comments section below.

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  • Rob

    Who said anything about getting anything for free?

  • shehroz Iftikhar

    Whats the name that tool to jailbreak 4s ios5.1????????

  • Michael Scott Allen

    There’s always some motherfucker who only wants to know when he can get something for free… What a fucking tool.

  • philip1598

    I am stuck on 5.1 on my new iphone4s I managed to drop my old iphone :( plumb into a glass of water so ordered a new 1 and my bad luck continued when i found out it was already on the 5.1 update i miss having a jailbreaken phone lol

  • Christian Biskup


  • Hahdhdh

    Im glad i havent updated my iPhone yet. I Love having a jailbroken iPhone. The only THINK THAT i dislike is That I can’t get rid off the notification in settings telling me to update.

  • Mark Mufc Hewick

    theres no jailbreak for 4s on 5.1 only 5.0.1

  • Michael Schnier

    You are correct.

  • Jcramirez

    Make it disappear whith the tweak
    Software update killer free from the Bigboss repo

  • Michael Schnier

    Pod2g’s working on the jailbreak for free. He’s a pretty awesome gent.

  • f96lrs

     thanks for the info happy 420

  • Maskedlemon

    I’m stuck on a tethered 5.1 jailbreak now because this website decided to run a bullshit April Fools joke. Yes I’m still pissed off about it. Not even an apology from the site. 

  • billy

     if you stupid enough to fell for april fools joke, its all on you. this site never force you to follow them. or maybe they should write : sorry that you are stupid … ?

  • Nickmonchgesang

    Well I don’t think it’s this sites fault for the stupidity of people who don’t bother to really think about what they are doing. I find it amusing that u can blame this site because u are an idiot had u read the updates from days prior to the ( very amusing prank) would would have been educated enough to realize there is no way a public tool was out

    Felt obligate to mention that the reason I’m stuck on 5.1 is because of a rouge cydia tweak that was not really comparable with my device and cause my phone to loose it shit and have a massive crash and all I could do is restore via iTunes now with the news of a coming redsnow update that will no longer be an issue if I am to understand it correctly it will enable us to restore directly from within the program it self for me this is the ultimate….

  • guest

     your an idiot…

  • Michael Schnier

    I’m sorry to hear that happened, Maskedlemon. The April Fool’s gag was from before I signed on. You said you’ve got a device with a 5.1 tethered jailbreak. That’s great news, because the 5.1 jailbreak only works on non-A5 devices. You should be able to downgrade with redsn0w or iFaith.

  • Steven Moreno

    I download a couple tweaks. Respring. Go make sandwich and take a shower. Still respringing. Put into recovery mode. Forced to update. Sad face. Now my once full 64GB 4s has only 10 gigs of music and apps.

  • Michael Schnier

    iTunes forced you to update? I thought you could restore from backups. Sorry to hear that happened.

  • Michael Schnier

    As much as that sucks, nice shot. Dropping a iPhone into a glass of water is tricky.

  • Nabielhussain

    i was just downloading a tweak from cydia on my iphone 4s then when i pressed reboot it got stuck on the apple logo sadly reds0w doesnt work on A5 device and when ever i tried saving the shsh blobs it kept saying your too late to get the shsh so i tried doing the dfu method but it still didnt work i did that literally for 1 hour then i tried restoring it to by downloading the ios 5.0.1 firmware and editing the hosts file but it still didnt work so i gave up and i upgrade it to ios 5.1. i hope pod2g releases the jailbreak soon it sucks not having a jailbroken iphone even though i have my iPad 2, Ipod touch, and my other iphone that are jailbroken but i feel incomplete without all my i devices jailbroken

  • rg


  • Qweliant

    had to restore iphone4s because of a bad tweak :(

  • Ziad Makhoul

    i bought a 4s already with 5.1 :( not my fault :P 

  • Romanbull2

    my 3gs came with ios 5.1 sadly and I have no way to downgrade except the 4.1 ios and it’s not that great so I’ll wait for the next untethered ios 5.x.x whenever it happens

  • B10N1C4L

    I accidentally deleted cydia the application from my iPad 2 actually it was my son accidentally I tried using absinthe to re-jailbreak but it said this device is already jail broken. I had no idea about IOS 5.1 until I did the restore I have been devastated ever since I had seen warnings on cydia I don’t know why I didn’t make a connection. Sad times Sad stories

  • Guest

    My iphone 4s headphone jack stopped working, so I had to send it in for repair, and with that remove the jailbreak and update…

  • Zuriel Borbolla

    casi todos actualizamos a 5.1 por la mala instalación de un tweak… a esperar esta buena noticia de que sea liberado el jb para iphone 4s y ipad 2 con 5.1

  • Cherty

    I bought the new iPad :(. ….

  • itsmekilla76

    i got an iphone 4s and my front camera stopped working im still on 5.0.1 but i  cant FaceTime al i got is a redesign iphone 3gs now 

  • 4s jailbreak idiot! :D

    I am stuck on 5.1 because everybody told me that jailbreaking an iPHone could damage my iPhone. I deleted the jailbreak and updated to 5.1…then I read that the jailbreak didn’t damaged anything!!!!!!!! Now i am waiting for the 5.1 iPhone 4s jailbreak! :S

  • Richie

    I was very cautious NOT to upgrade from 5.0.1 to 5.1, i turned off the automatic update just to make sure that i didn’t go to 5.1 and everything was going great and i loved the jailbreak but I went into Cydia and downloaded some upgrades for some of the programs and tweaks that I had installed on my iPad 2 and then my iPad 2 needed to be restarted for the upgrades to take affect and all of a sudden I got stuck on the apple logo and my ipad 2 would not restart, it just froze. I spent the entire day trying to figure it out so that I wouldn’t have to do a restore because at this time all appl was offering was 5.1 but alas I could not get it to work so I had to do a restore and very sadly it was to 5.1 and so I’ve been dying to get the new jailbreak for iPad 2 iOS 5.1. To this day I still don’t know what happened but oh well there is nothing I can do but wait.

  • Babylon558

    To anyone who hasn’t updated yet, I managed to make a signed downgrade image for my iPod touch (4g). If anyone doesn’t know you can just pull the shsh blobs from the device when it is on 5.0.1, stitch the blobs into a stock image of 5.0.1 with iFaith, and that keeps it from asking apple to sign the image. I have used this image more times than I can count. I do not know how well this works on other devices, but it works on my iPod.

  • Morgan

    While I miss some things Jailbreaking can allow, I find that the longer I wait the less I need/want them. 

  • doeboy

     We got my son an Ipod 4g for Christmas that came with 4.0.1, so he is now running untethered and everything’s pretty stable. I liked his Ipod so much I decided to ditch my 2g and get myself a 4g about a week ago, unfortunately it came with ios 5.1 on it (manufactured in April/2012). I am running the tethered jailbreak but am having a lot of stability problems with winterboard and assorted other apps. I also noticed foobar2000 and Copytrans stopped working and kept telling me my Ipod memory was corrupted, I have since fixed the music problem by getting the latest version of Copytrans. I am confused, is ios 5.1 causing all the problems or is it the jailbreak, will the system stability return when the untethered 5.1 jailbreak becomes available. Is it just me or does apple screw up three things for every one thing that they fix. Also nice job on the jailbreaking, turns a locked useless device into a really cool toy, thanx Pod2g awesome work man………