Check Out iJailbreak’s New Plethora Of Jailbreaking And Rooting Knowledge

iJailbreak has recently took to the challenge of re-doing our main how to sections to make them up-to-date, but more importantly to make them much more useful. How did we do this? Well, we added a plethora of knowledge that will be sure to help first-timers learn some of the key concepts of Jailbreaking and even rooting for all you Android users out there.

iPhone 4S and iPad 2G Untethered Jailbreak

This process took a great deal of time and we hope you enjoy the added value it brings to the table. Check out all of the new sections below.

  • How To Jailbreak: The new how to jailbreak section now contains information that should help someone who is new to Jailbreaking understand what Jailbreaking is and of course how to Jailbreak. It also clears up some common misconceptions of Jailbreaking.
  • How To Unlock: There is many ways to unlock your iPhone: a hardware unlock, a software unlock, a SIM interposer or ECID unlock. Learn about all the different ways to unlock and which baseband versions are compatible with software unlocking solutions like UltraSn0w and BlackSn0w.
  • How To Save SHSH Blobs: A common question that we get all the time is what are SHSH blobs, why should I save them and how do I save them. All of this and more is explained in our new how to Save SHSH blobs section.
  • How To Downgrade: Downgrading has become something that is getting more and more complicated due to the Apple’s increasingly complicated security methods. Learn about the current downgrading limitations and how to downgrade.
  • How To Root: If you have an Android device and have been curious about rooting then this section will get you comfortable with the concept of root, the pros and cons of rooting and just how to root your Android device.
  • Top Custom ROMS: Once you root your Android device the next step is to install/flash a custom ROM. There are so many custom ROMs available for Android devices and this section lists the most popular.

Our next plans are to re-do our software pages, which is already underway. We have completed the RedSn0w page and also GreenPois0n page. Stay tuned for more exciting changes around iJailbreak and let us know what you think of what we have done in the comments section below.

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