No, The Gr1mra1n Jailbreak Is Not Real But A Bootrom Exploit May Be In The Works

Last week Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja)–the developer behind GreenPois0n and once a central figure to the Chronic-Dev Team–described the current status of an iPhone 5 jailbreak as “grim”, while saying he was currently “working on something bigger and few people share with me anymore”. It wasn’t clear what Hill meant; it’s possible Hill didn’t think a jailbreak was coming soon and would be focusing on personal projects outside of the jailbreak community.

MuscleNerd confirms that a ‘gr1mra1n’ jailbreak is not near release.

There there seemed to be disagreement among the jailbreak developer community. Grant Paul (@chpwn), the prolific jailbreaker and homebrew developer quickly responded with “@p0sixninja Grim, eh?,” and was retweeted by MuscleNerd. Supposedly the progress on the iPhone 5/iOS 6 jailbreak isn’t as grim as it appeared to Hill.

Then late last night Hill posted the mysterious words “#gr1mra1n” on Twitter. Unfortunately that post was a joke, a play on words and anticipation. In case there’s any doubt, MuscleNerd publicly confirmed that there was no ‘gr1mra1n’ jailbreak in the works. (Though it would be hilarious if it turned out to be real.)

So if gr1mra1n’s a sick joke pulled on desperate iPhone 5 users, what’s the real state of the iPhone 5/iOS 6 jailbreak? There’s some confusion as to whether a new bootrom exploit similar to L1meRa1n/SHAtter is in the works. As far as MuscleNerd knows, nobody’s dumped a bootrom since 2010, but Joshua Hill claims he’s really working on dumping the iPhone 5 (or another modern device’s) bootrom, which could in theory allow for a permanent exploit of the hardware, as we’ve enjoyed on the old bootrom iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4.

Despite the confusion, Hill may still be working towards a new bootrom exploit.

Personally, I’m hoping that whatever the next jailbreak is, the developers who release it call it “gr1mrain.” Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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