GeoHot Quit Facebook And Now Spends His Free Time Hacking! [VIDEO]

It has been some time since we have heard about what the famous hacker GeoHot (GeoHotz), the hacker responsible for several iOS Jailbreaks, is up to these days. In the past we found out that GeoHot was working for Facebook on the iPad 2 version of the Facebook application, and that he was also battling a lawsuit against Sony for Jailbreaking the Playstation 3.

Now, however, BusinessInsider has recently reported that GeoHot is spending his free time hacking. As they have recently spotted GeoHot at Backplane, a startup funded by Lady Gaga, with the aim to blend technology and entertainment by combining various social media presences into one platform. During Backplane (which is essentially a Hackathon) GeoHot was working with an engineer who goes by the name of Aviv Ovadya on an an app that allows you to see where your Facebook friends are on a map.

In case you are wondering… the app that was being developed by GeoHot and Aviv Ovadya did not win as it lost out to a group of high school students. Regardless, it is good to have an update on the whereabouts of GeoHot and what he is up to these days. While he may not longer be a contributor to the Jailbreaking Community one cannot question that GeoHot once played an important role in it.

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