GeoHot Asks for Your Help in His Legal Battle Against Sony!

Unless you were living in a box the last few weeks, you would have known that GoeHot is currently being sued by Sony. We here at have been providing you with constant updates through our playstation  3 section of the website on this legal battle. Up until this point GoeHot has been confident in winning this legal battle, and said he will not ask for support from the public unless he deems that it be necessary. Today it seems like GeoHot has found out that winning this legal battle is not going to be a walk in the park, and he will need the support of the public and media to move forward.

Currently GeoHot has been broadcasting updates on his official website, but he has even made a blog on this lawsuit which you can find by clicking here. This is GeoHot’s official message where he goes on to asking the public and media to help fund his legal battle which has already cost him over $10,000.

Media, I need your help. This is the first time I have ever asked. Please, if you support this cause, help me out and spread the word. I want, by the time this goes to trial, to have Sony facing some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business. Together, we can help fix the system.
Donations here are for legal defense ONLY and I have checked with my lawyers before setting this u.

Even if you are not a fan of GeoHot, you should be a fan of this lawsuit. Why? This lawsuit is so much more than Sony simply suing GeoHot. This lawsuit is going to determine whether you actually own your console or not.

Just like when you purchase a car, you are free to do what you want with it. You can modify it as you see fit, no one is stopping you. The same should apply to consoles. GeoHot modified his console (which is the same as modifying a car), does this mean he did something illegal? Obviously I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say no, what GeoHot did was not illegal, technically he bought the console so he should be able to do what he wants with it. This is what this lawsuit is going to determine – whether or not you actually own your console or not.

Lets face it, not everyone has the funds to support GeoHot, and no everyone is going to want to. If you do not want to donate to GeoHot the least you can do is show him your support by sharing this lawsuit with your friends and family. Hopefully if enough people can stand up, and this lawsuit gets enough attention from the media, GeoHot can win this legal battle.

Donate to GeoHot

My question to you is if Sony ends up winning this legal battle, what is going to stop Apple from trying to push ahead and once again try and make jailbreaking illegal? Let us know your answer in the comments section below or take this conversation further in our forums.

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  • Tr1pTr0p

    What a joke this lawsuit (read: Sony) is! I’m donating, but not much because I’m broke. Living in my parent’s basement is rather expensive, you know…

  • Mike McKinnon

    I’m a bit torn on this. Geohot, the kid who ran away from the jailbreak community when people started pressuring him for releases, is now asking for help from said community. At the same time, I understand why he left, and even though he was “gone”, we still got some great releases from him.

    Any “hacker” should realize that when you mess with a big company’s stuff, they’re are gonna get upset. I think Apple hasn’t taken this route, because they realize jailbreaking sells more iDevices.

  • Tr1pTr0p

    This goes beyond GeoHot vs. Sony. Like mentioned in the article: “This lawsuit is going to determine whether you actually own your console or not.”
    Microsoft on the other hand, embraces jailbreakers. I’m guessing they are the one ones who are actually ‘thinking different’. (You might say that they are ‘desperate’ to embrace more users, but hey, at least they’re trying.)

  • Rltw

    Let’s fuckin get something done and help the man who has provided the jailbreak for ps3’s

  • H RaY M

    Hotz has done more than enough for us.. Its time we do our part… I’m not gonna get the new phone.. and cancel my profile

  • Chogothebest

    man fuck him