Evasi0n7 v1.0.1 Released To Remove TaiG And Fix Various Bugs [Download Now]

The iOS 7 Jailbreaking tool, Evasi0n7, has just been updated to version 1.0.1 with the latest bug fixes.

Planetbeing mentioned that you may have to clear your browsers cache if you go to download it from the official Evasi0n website.


So just what kind of bug fixes are we talking about?

According to the Evad3rs this update specifically addresses an issues with the Weather app and long rebooting times after jailbreaking.

Evasi0n7 1.0.1 App Mac OS X

This update also removes the controversial TaiG installer for good.

If you have already Jailbroken you do not need to re-Jailbreak, the fixes will be pushed through Cydia. Those that are not Jailbroken yet can do so by following our official How To guide.

You can download Evasi0n v1.0.1 from the direct download links shown below or the iJailbreak Downloads Section.

Download Evasi0n 7 v1.0.1: Windows Download | Mac OS X Download

Let us know if Evasi0n7 v1.0.1 has solved issues you have been experiencing in the comments section below.

P.S. for iPad 2 users there are still some issues being worked out.


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  • OneCruelSOB

    Evasi0n7 v1.0.1
    Still sending my iPad 2.4 in to a endless boot

  • Roddy

    Check Pod2g’s Twitter, he said that they still have to do an update for iPad 2’s

  • Hot

    If I have already used
    Evasi0n7 v1.0.0 do I need to jailbreak it again to fix anything?

  • Gecho

    As mentioned “If you have already Jailbroken you do not need to re-Jailbreak, the fixes will be pushes through Cydia.”

  • DatBoiMartel

    Will it work if u updated OTA. Tried Monday and it got stuck on Apple logo. Had to reboot

  • skinnynerd

    doesnt anyone read the article before commenting? idiots!

  • Artmaster

    Friends I need help, how to unlock my iphone 4, is on Network Vodafone Hungary. No one can unlock it via IMEI with Vodafone Hungary. If you have a solution please let me know.

  • Ryan

    jailbroken ipad mini none of the ios 7 compatible tweaks are working and not getting this upgrade message, help me?!

  • Jason Trippe

    Above it says that the updates will pushed through cydia? any idea when? I’ve been checking for updates since yesterday and nothing. Cydia was updated to 1,1,9 but nothing for the jailbreak.

  • Abhay Bakshi

    M using an iphone4 and none of the tweaks are working springboard barrel etc nothing please help

  • Bart

    go to Hungarian Vodafone and ask how much to unlock it

  • -[RASH]-

    true nothing from cydia yet because my iphone just Froze on me again so im restoring it & trying out the new updated release this time hope it works smoothly this time

  • Bart

    iOS7 jailbreak is USELESS right now – 99% tweaks and apps DOES NOT WORK!

    so installation JB is POINTLESS – in future yes – but not now

    The thing is – Apple will release iOS 7.1 soon and there will be NO JB

  • -[RASH]-

    Hope rebooting time doesnt take forever now will test it out to see how well the fixes are after my phone froze on me it just stays stuck at the logo when it tries to reboot,

  • 540ARCADE

    When you jailbreak your idevice , are you starting off with a fresh restore?., because jail breaking without a fresh restore from your computer can cause your device to do that.

  • -[RASH]-

    Well rebooting time seems to be normal now takes 30sec to reboot my iphone 4S now have rebooted it twice & shut it down to boot it up & its seems to boot normal Hope it doesn’t continues to Freeze on me though my phone froze on me twice after jailbreaking it with the first release & then rebooting it after it had frozen on me meant unable to use my phone after that because the boot just stayed stuck at the logo

  • -[RASH]-

    if i continue to experience freezing issues with my iphone that will mean there is another issue with the jailbreak causing my phone to freeze & reboot it has happened twice to me & now using this new jailbreak realease i will see if i experience any more issues with my phone you will hear from me again if such issues occur again.

  • Santa

    I opened Cydia now and there’s no update


    I managed to JB a 5S with no trouble,try a hard reboot before you start. i tried a ipad3 and forgot the hard boot and bricked up,to get out of the freezer hook up to itunes.The second time around I ahd success.Unfortuneatly not to much works.


    That is with a fresh restore as usual.The only apps that work Icleaner,Movie box,Protect my Privacy.Speed Intensifer did but then quit
    not sure why


    when you open cydia my app came up with 3 choices for the update.I would think the site is so busy,perhaps just slow.Not to much works


    you will have hook up to itunes and restore.

  • Jason Trippe

    My version in Cydia is 0.1. Is this the latest?


    Its up to date by default. Given that you opened it up then its up to date

  • -[RASH]-

    My iPhone Just froze on me again!!! after doing a new restore with a fresh 7.0.4 ios firmware for my iPhone 4S which i downloaded from itunes iv’e jailbreaked it again using the new version of evasion 1.0.1.using all the necessary steps required. jailbreak went sucessfully.Then i loaded cydia to update after doing that i went on to install some free social apps & free online games from the app store.Then i rebooted the phone & also shutdown the phone to test the booting time rebooted & shutdown the phone twice to be sure.everything went well .But today i was opening a free online game 8Ball Pool which i installed from the app store,the phone froze on me there & rebooted after getting no response.& until now its stuck at the apple logo rebooting & been there for over 1/2 hour now.&ive rebooted the phone again to retry still no luck

  • -[RASH]-

    What could have gone wrong? i did everything right all the steps required to jailbreak the device what could have made my device freeze on me.This is the third time now that it froze on me trying to play one of my online games on the phone.could there be a conflict with the jailbreak & game center?the evaders need to look into this.there are many people that play online games that connects to game center almost all of my games do especially the online ones 8ball pool & iron force those online games i play the most

  • -[RASH]-

    Well i’ve decided to restore my iphone now again for the third time & this time without jailbreaking my device because i keep getting this prob its the third time with the same online games.I will wait until theres another update of the software because this seem to be another issue they need look into &make the fixes onto the software

  • -[RASH]-

    My phone was working fine & well without the jailbreak but after jailbreaking my device i started to have this problem with the phone so theres nothing wrong with my device its all software issues.problems with the jailbreak that needs to be looked at

  • Adam Markon

    Any word on compatibility with 7.1 beta?

  • RustyRail

    Dec 28 2013
    also a hard reboot would be a good idea,Sort of starts the device off with nothing in the back ground