The Next Untethered Jailbreak Will Not Come From The Evad3rs Until iOS 7

P0sixninja announced near the end of March that the next Untethered Jailbreak would likely come from himself, because he already has in his possession the exploits needed to develop such a Jailbreak. That is not necessarily to say, however, that the Evad3rs will not also look into another Untethered Jailbreak, in fact in an interview with Forbes, Planetbeing stated they also had another set of exploits that could also likely be used to Jailbreak another firmware version once Apple patched Evasi0n.

This means either one of two things. Either P0sixninja will pull a GeoHot and try to release his Jailbreak first, or he will share it with the Evad3rs and they will release it as a collaboration.

Speaking of the next Jailbreak, when will it be?

Next Untethered Jailbreak Will Not Come From Evad3rs Until iOS 7

Well, although P0sixninja’s plans are unknown, Planetbeing has recently said over Twitter that the Evad3rs are waiting for “a major release.” With the WWDC scheduled for June, it is unlikely Apple will release a significant firmware update in the iOS 6 firmware generation, so this leaves iOS 7 as the next major release.

It wouldn’t make sense for the Evad3rs or even P0sixninja for that matter to release a Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 because the firmware update does not add any new features, it simply fixed bugs (most related to the Evasi0n Jailbreak). If these hackers wait for the release of iOS 7, individuals will be able to Jailbreak and enjoy the latest iOS features, while hopefully being able to Jailbreak the next-generation hardware as well.

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  • Ethyn Resausk

    Thought P0six retired? Still though one man that was able to get a crap load of vulnerabilities together is pretty impressive, but goes to show you never really leave the jailbreaking community once you’re in it. That dudes always found loads of exploits more than any of the other developers come to think of it. We need more developers like him in the jailbreaking community and needs to be paid in donations for what he does.

  • FuckApple

    Donations is must but what needs to be looked out specially in many Asian countries people charge you to jailbreak your devices recently was visiting one of the Asian country for some work and was amazed to see someone paid to a shop owner in a very well known Market to get his phone jailbreak. It really pissed me of these people making money from the hard work of developers.

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