TinyUmbrella v6.00.00 Released For Mac OS X And Windows To Bring About iOS 6 GM And Apple TV 5.0.2 Support

Things have been pretty dead on the TinyUmbrella front this Summer. There has been no updates to bring about support for the Apple TV 5.0.2 firmware, or any of the iOS 6 beta firmwares.

TinyUmbrella’s developer @NotCom has recently took to his blog to give us an explanation however, and has mentioned that due to personal matters he did not had time to update TinyUmbrella over the Summer. It looks like NotCom is back though as he released an update for TinyUmbrella yesterday that brings about iOS 6 beta/GM support and also Apple TV 5.0.2 firmware support. He has further mentioned that he had to change the way the OS X app is packaged.

I’ve had to change the way the OSX app is packaged. No more installer for now as Gatekeeper sucks more than taxes. So now it is a simple zip but you will have to give your admin password at the first launch (it shouldn’t ask for it again after first launch).

As such you will no longer be able to actually install TinyUmbrella on your Mac OS X computer, and it will require you to enter your administrator password at first launch.

Download TinyUmbrella v6.00.00 For Mac OS X And Windows

If you would like to download TinyUmbrella v6.00.00 then you can head on over to the iJailbreak Downloads Section or use one of the direct links shown below.

Download TinyUmbrella v6.00.00 (Windows)

Download TinyUmbrella v6.00.00 (Mac OS X)

For those with any further questions or thoughts turn your attention to the comments section below.

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  • bill

    your link for Tiny umbrella sends you to a page called Adfly

  • Bill#2

    when you click the button to skip the publicity it starts the downlaod

  • angela

    my phone wont show up on it ? i even tried downloading the 6.00.01 . can someone help ?

  • SNA

    I cannot install the tinyumbrella on my windows 7