Download Sn0wBreeze v2.9.2 For Windows To Jailbreak iOS 5.1 Firmware Tethered

iH8Sn0w has recently tweeted that he has released Sn0wBreeze v2.9.2 to Jailbreak the iOS 5.1 firmware tethered on all A4 iOS devices. This will be some great news for all of you who would prefer to Jailbreak iOS 5.1 through custom IPSW creation. Often times this method of Jailbreaking is more geared towards unlockers or users who want to specify advanced Jailbreak customization options.

 Sn0wbreeze v2.9.2 Download

The changelog for Sn0wBreeze v2.9.2 can be found in the quoted area below.

  • Added Tethered Jailbreak support for 3GS/iPod Touch 3/A4 Users on iOS 5.1 (9B176)
  • iPhone 3GS old-bootrom users are untethered on 5.1/9B176 (as usual).
  • Bug Fixes (Specifically with the iPad baseband and iPhone 2G).
  • Re-added the iPhone Dev-Team’s iPhone 2G permanent unlock ‘BootNeuter’.

For those of you who are wondering why there is no support for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 it is because a low level (DFU/iBoot/LLB) exploit is required to start the restoration of custom IPSWs. Unfortunately the last two Jailbreaks for A5 devices have been userland Jailbreaks, meaning it is not possible to carry on the exploits used for these Jailbreaks through future firmware updates.

You can download Sn0wBreeze v2.9.2 for Windows from the iJailbreak Downloads Section or from the direct link below.

Download Sn0wBreeze v2.9.2 (Windows)

We will have a how to guide available for Jailbreaking the iOS 5.1 firmware tethered with Sn0wBreeze v2.9.2 in the near future. Until that time please leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section below…

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  • ASE F94



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  • PK

    I accidentally erased some system files for iPad2 in Cydia today. When I tried to restore it, it requests me to update to ios 5.1.  Is there any way to restore back to ios 5.0.1 without having shsh blobs at this time?

  • guest

    you can press shift+restore (windows) or option+restore (mac) then choose ios 5.0.1 ipsw

  • Jaden Ellett

    Unfortunately you cannot Jailbreak your iPad 2. Sorry :( Your only option if you did upgrade would be to downgrade back to iOS 4 if you have saved SHSH blobs. 

  • Jaden Ellett

    There is absolutely no way to downgrade the iPad 2 back to iOS 5.0.1 at this time. 

  • ASE F94


    do you think there will be in the future maybe?

  • Jaden Ellett

    Yeah hopefully Pod2G will work something out :) 

  • Sadek_badboy

    can i backgrade my ipad2 from other ipad2 hshs save ….!?!??!?!

  • Gurdip Singh

    when ll be “how to “guide available?
    I ll b jailbreaing my 3gs (with old bootrom ) for first time.Consider me a 1st standard kid :p

  • Erick Santisteban

    its there a way to jailbreak 5.0.1 9b176 yet? or will it ever be one, its there someone working on this yet ?

  • Emmanuel2jj

    some one call me aand tellme word from woedhow to do this 4042964428

  • Slix78

    will it work with ipad 2 3g ???

  • Slix78

    i have a ipad 2 3g on 5.1 and cant find a jailbreak if there is any pls help thanks

  • Lorenzo Vicente

    does this work for ipod touch 5.0.1

  • mohamed

    wanna jail break 9B176 is it possible 

  • Ksshet

    I just tried jail breaking iphone 3gs 5.1 9b176(old bootrom) after restart, not able to activate the phone. Getting connect to iTunes error and itunes is telling the telecom career (India Airtel) is not supported. Please suggest what to do..

  • Ksshet

    Sorry its – New Bootrom

  • Jordanliu99

    How do I jailbreak my iPad 2? It’s on iOS 5.0.1 and the most recent update is 5.1.1 from Apple. Is there a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 for an iPad 2?

  • Eiian

    is it possible to jail break ipad 3?

  • guest

    is there a jailbreak for ipad 2 running on ios 5.1?????????????????????????????????????

  • burakbaskin

    any update for A5-Chipset 5.1(9b176)??