Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 2 To Developers And It’s Now Available On The iPad [Download Now]

Apple has just released its first update for iOS 7 beta, bringing the firmware to beta 2. This is just two weeks after Apple announced iOS 7 at the World Wide Developers Conference. If you are a developer you can download iOS 7 beta 2 over-the-air (OTA) or through the iOS Dev Center.

The update rings in at just over 200MB and should include a wide range of performance improvements and bug fixes. There could very well be some cosmetic changes and new features as well, but we will have to wait and see until we start digging around the update. And for everyone wondering if the iPad beta of iOS 7 has been released, so far the answer is no (it has, see Update #1).


iOS 7 includes a wide-range of new features such as a completely re-designed user interface, AirDrop, Control Center, new Siri functionality and so much more. It is expected to be released in the Fall alongside new hardware. In case you missed our hands-on demo with iOS 7 be sure to check it out, it is the best way to familiarize yourself with all the new features.

If you are going to be testing out iOS 7 beta 2 be sure to let us know what you find in the comments section below.

Update #1: iOS 7 beta 2 has also been released for the Apple iPad. This means developers can start testing iOS 7 on the iPad. Notably iOS 7 beta 2 also includes the new male and female Siri voices and the stock Voice Memos app has returned.

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  • JAB

    What the f**k, samsung released water proved samsung galaxy s4 & people still talking about ios 7. Apple is drown deep in the ocean without real new sh*t…..

  • RobzInadE

    “Ok”. Go back to using your toyphone.

  • JAB

    Will thanks.
    I’m apple freak too, but at the moment apple not giving something new to cheer with.

  • RobzInadE

    So a complete redo of the whole UI / UE, new animations all around, and a few pretty cool features is “nothing new”? You’re pretty dumb.