iOS Hacker @Chpwn Spotted In Facebook’s Official App Store Screenshot

Grant Paul, also known by his alias ‘Chpwn‘, is a prolific developer in the iOS jailbreak and homebrew community. He’s contributed to Cydia, the open source package manager for jailbroken iDevices, he’s produced a number of failbreaks–private jailbreaks that developers use to uncover jailbreaks which can be released to the public--and he’s also developed incredible interface tweaks like Zephyr. Now it seems that the prolific hacker has found a way to sneak into the official iTunes app store…

Tagged in the second post.

Shortly after releasing screenshots of the iPad Mini failbreak, Chpwn was spotted by his muggle name, tagged within a post on Facebook’s official screenshot for the iPad. While Chpwn isn’t the only Grant Paul on Facebook, the rumor was more than plausible since Paul spent this summer as an intern at Facebook’s campus. Grant Paul acknowledged the screenshots after @Sakurina noticed the cameo on Twitter.

Grant Paul acknowledges the cameo.

There’s something awesome and subversive about a high profile hacker’s name sneaking onto Apple’s official App Store. Have you noticed other hacker cameos in App Store screenshots? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Nddhdg

    Muggle name..haha