Auxo 2 Will Be Available In Cydia On April 2nd, Here’s A Preview [VIDEO]

Earlier this month,¬†two short video clips revealed what Auxo 2 on iOS 7 is going to be like. However, no details were given on when it would be available in Cydia. Auxo is an App Switcher replacement tweak that brought tonnes of cool features to the switcher. Auxo 2 will only make it better. And according to its developer A3 Tweaks, it’ll be available in Cydia on April 2nd.


Auxo 2 will be a completely reimagined tweak and will not have any code from the previous version. Hence, users of Auxo 1 will have to pay to upgrade to Auxo 2 as it’s a new package and iOS 7 only. Auxo 2 is both the Control Center and App Switcher mated together. Here’s a new video preview that was posted on the A3 Tweaks’ website giving us more details about the tweak and its release date.

This is just a quick look at the tweak, similar to what Sentry showed us earlier this month. A lot of new functionality that will go well with the App Switcher in iOS 7 and it looks butter smooth! No details on pricing either, but April 2nd isn’t that far away.

What do you think of Auxo 2? Will you be getting it once it’s available in Cydia?

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