AppSync 5.0+ Updated To Use MobileSubstrate [Compatible With SemiTethered iOS 5 Jailbreak]

WARNING: Cracked applications are illegal. The whole premise behind cracked applications is if you would like to test an application before purchasing it from the Apple AppStore. It is expected that after you download cracked apps to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5 firmware that you either delete the app after testing it or purchase it from the AppStore.

AppSync is a package that Installous depends on to install cracked applications to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Recently we told you that AppSync was updated to install cracked applications on the iOS 5 firmware generation. This update for AppSync on the iOS 5 firmware, however, was released during the iOS 5 beta testing period and still relied on hard-patching system files rather than use MobileSubstrate. The reason why hard-patching is never ideal is because it can conflict with certain Cydia packages such as the SemiTether Cydia package BigBoss released to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad SemiTethered on the iOS 5 firmware.

According to a news update from Hackulous, AppSync now uses MobileSubstrate instead of hard-patching system files. This means AppSync is now much more compatible with a wide-range of Cydia packages such as Bigboss’s SemiTethered Jailbreak Cydia package.

If you currently have AppSync installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad we recommend updating to this new version which uses MobileSubstrate.

Note: In order to install AppSync you will need to add the following source into Cydia:

When AppSync has been installed, download installous, and you can now install cracked applications to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5 firmware .

Disclaimer: does not support cracked applications. As it is our promise to report on everything to do with Jailbreaking, however, we have a responsibility to report on such news. If you followed this guide please keep in mind installing crack applications are illegal.

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  • Renat Osk

    It asks to reboot, but when I reboot it’s enter on Apple logo and stop on that.

  • Anonymous

    Same, i got this as well. Anyway to solve this problem?

  • hahahaha

    yes you can fix it by shoving it ups your ass or in other words your screwed bitch

  • Kovalhassan

    the jailbreak for 5.0 is tethered which means you have to tethered boot through redsnow or whaterver 

  • Yue_julian

    use your brain and search the definition of tethered jailbreak!

  • Danielmax11

    Renat Osk you need to selcet ipsw manually

  • White_fac3

    Hey i already download it.but why i cant sync it?

  • Jig

    super job thanks