Seas0nPass Update For Untethered iOS 5.2 (6.1) Apple TV Jailbreak Coming Soon

A lot of people have been asking about that status of the Apple TV 5.2 (6.1) Untethered Jailbreak and as such we thought we would bring up a forum post from last week on the FireCore forums. Before we talk about the forum post however, it is worth noting that Sn0wbreeze can currently Jailbreak the Apple TV 5.2 firmware untethered on the second generation Apple TV. The problem is however, that not a lot of plugins will work on the 5.2 firmware until they are updated for compatibility.

James, a member of the FireCore Dev-Team, stated that the whole team is working hard to update Seas0n to take advantage of the Evasi0n Jailbreak. He further carrier on to say:

Please keep in mind that while the FireCore plugins will work on Apple TV 5.1, a few minor adjustments (which are currently in progress) are needed to ensure things continue to run smoothly on Apple TV 5.2. Things like Plex and XBMC do not yet work on Apple TV 5.1 and later, and will likely require A LOT of work by their respective developers in order to be compatible.

As such it is really not worth updating to 5.2 just yet as nothing is functional yet. We will let you know when things improve for the state of the Apple TV 5.2 Untethered Jailbreak, so stay tuned.


As for the 3rd generation Apple TV Jailbreak, nothing was brought up, and as such it is still in the same position it was last time we talked about it — under development. Unfortunately Evasi0n is not compatible with the 3rd generation Apple TV, and it is not known when an exploit will be discovered, if one ever is.

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  • paul

    as long as XBMC is not running under 5.2(6.1) it is of little use for me, so I stay on 5.02(5.1.1)