Quick Fix For White Icons Bug After iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak

If you have experienced white or blank application icons on your SpringBoard (homescreen) after Jailbreaking your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 Untethered on the iOS 5 firmware generation with Absinthe for Windows and Mac OS X. You will be glad to know that fixing the white icons error should be an extremely easy thing to do. This is because Planetbeing has tweeted a very quick solution to the blank icons error.

Absinthe White Icons Error FixIf you read the tweet above by Planetbeing you will realize that fixing the blank icons error is as easy as launching Cydia and then installing a free Cydia tweak like SBSettings. It is good to keep in mind, however, that while this solution should (should being the key word here) fix your white icon errors it is not guaranteed. If you are still experiencing the white icons after installing a Cydia tweak we suggest either trying to re-jailbreak with Absinthe v0.2 or restoring your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 and Jailbreaking it fresh.

Please leave your feedback on this solution to the blank icons error in the comments section below…

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  • Aamir mir

    A better fix is from SBSettings is to use fix user dir permissions that what worked for me

  • KevinFTW

    The easiest way is to just restart your springboard (works for me evry time)

  • KevinFTW

    Respring springboard* ( dang autocorrect on my jailbroken iPad , Thx for that :D )

  • Cacsadf

    i got network errors on ipad 2

  • Blaz3r

    Network errors on iphone 4S, looks like iPad 2 and iphone 4s both are having similar problems

  • Blaz3r

    Says no signal, i have to connect to wifi to connect to anything, if there is a solution to THIS, id be happily encouraged to try it.

  • Anonymous

    Works perfectly as Planetbeing stated.

  • Leandro Bassetto

    I just downloaded a simple game using cydia and now the icon is normal again.
    Cheers from Sao Paulo – Brazil

  • Anonymous

    It works slightly, I installed one app, the white icon was gone, installed another it came back but this time on a different icon, then I install another and it switches to another icon. I kept installing stuff and now im at the point where currently the problem is fixed, but im scared to install more stuff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000190607804 Zach Beauchamp

    Nothing worked for me or a friend that jailbroke. just restored and rejailbroke and that fixed it

  • Honolulu

    Installed Activator on my iPad 2 and everything is good now…..

  • Moabbikr

    It would appear that installing an app from Cydia is a short term solve, after installing an app yesterday i now have a white icon again? Going to try the suggestion below with SBSettings..

  • Mrv88


    i have a iphone 4s and jailbreaked it with cinject_0.4.3.

    i had the same problem with the white icons appearing after installing something with installous or removed a app on the springboard.

    so i removed all the installed apps by cydia and reinstalled them 1 at the time and came to the conclusion that 2 apps (iap cracker and killbackground) where the problem because i dont think they are compatible with A5 or ios 5.x.

    i installed the rest of the apps by cydia and now i dont have the problem any more.

    and the white icons that are appearing are by the user hidden icons with sbsettings.

    so its a compatibility problem, that wil be fixed as the developers of certain apps will update their apps i think :P 

    for now remove them!!

  • Mrv88

    i forgot to say: the solution mentiond above is a temporary solution because if u install a app by cydia it needs to respring and then u get the same effect as normal respring and if u install a app by installous again then the problem will come back

  • Juno Az

    I just made a folder and stuck all the white icons in it (called it “junk”).

  • Chrisperry Wv

    If you have iPhone 4s network issues, go to your network settings and toggle off then back on voice roaming or data roaming (I can’t remember which). That fixed it for me.

  • Kuchchanvisal

    I couldnt open Facebook app and sine of the websites in safari? Dolby know what happen?

  • Marlondenon

    my purchased songs wont play at all after the jb
    anyone having issues with purchased songs not playing?

  • V Otterson

    I am having the same issue with my itunes purchased material no longer working, but my other music is playing fine.

  • Sakrmania

    it toke place again after installing a cydia app but now its not cydia icon its photos ,so is it have any risk or its just a bug with no risky effect

  • Yholland2005

    I installed a free sbsettings tweek and it Worked for me thanks

  • Aleksi Sad

    What the fick just happened to me? Cydia program left from my ipad 2.. I dont have cydia anymore

  • Xushi Xushi

    Installing any app from Cydia fixed it for me, but only temporarily.. 2 days later, again I’m getting white icons randomly…  

  • Monaloca

    This is temporary fix. I fixed the icon but later u get another one.

  • Ahmedalaa650

    after jailbreak every thing was working just fine but after 2 days i got my facetime on iPad2 white so i restored my ipad and i re-jailbreak it with new version of Absinthe hoping that error is fixed but the min i jailbreak it the min i found my App Store app is white also this really annoying

  • Avi Sheleg

    Thank very much that did the trick,,,

  • Oneonly_me

    same story,only with iphone 4s

  • Makoy241971

    I had the white apps icon problem too and then i did what u guys said in how to fix it, and it really did fixed the problem…. Im so happy…. Thank you very much… More power….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DPIVE5QA22KMVLQ3COWZLGOKRQ Reasonable Man

    Like others here… respring with SBSettings and they will be hidden again. Also like others, any time I install an app with Installous, the icons become unhidden.

  • aProdigy2u


  • Niknak

    ive has the same problem, if you already have sbsettings installed & using ” fix user dir permissions” works, as aamir previously stated.

  • Gullhussain

    Just installed Killsb from Cydia. One touch button to restart springboard. Did the trick.

  • Whitedane

    I just installed an App from Cydia (WiFi Analyzer) and the white icons were gone, returning to normal icons, as Planetbeing told.

  • FOR85Y

    Have installed a cydia tweak and still get random white icons. Respring fixes it. But get the occasional random white icon.

  • Ameosmipal

    I moved the app store into a folder and it came right back!!!

  • Stiofainocara

    i changed my theme to a LCARS startrek one and i havent had a white icon yet, this does not help if your not a fan of startrek, sorry lol

  • Danny

    thats why i never buy music… we live in 2012… some 15 years or sumthin after the napster debut… ur awesome supporting the artists though… i prefer cds if it were to come to that though = just sayin..

  • Diego

    You have to download them again, i had the same error

  • Haval

    I had same problem with cydia at first, so cydia icon changed to white and after I refresh packages it fixed it. After that I noticed that my camera icon is white I try to restart my iphone many times but did not help. After that I try to download IReboot and i canceled it before it complete then I noticed that my camera icon was fixed. So for you who has same problem just try to download anything from cydia and ther cancel downloading. that is it :

  • Kf6eky

    I used fix user dirs in sbsettings and it fixed it for me

  • Simone

    I just install sbsettings from cydia and it recover my blank icons if it occours agin probably i will use the recover userdir permissions. Thanks for help dudes!

  • Boab400

    If a respring doesn’t get rid of the white icons, try using iwipe cache from cydia. Should work

  • Ahmedico2000

    Thanks alot you made my day my Music icon was white and after installing the SBSetting it works fine.

  • Wmaderos

    nice job killSB

  • matt

    worked for me , just restart springboard , does the trick…

  • Fakeid1

    thankss it worked

  • Mh

    restart your springboard did NOT worked for me, but KillSb works great, download it from cydia…

  • Tawfik

    The problem occures only when u delete cydya app from springboard
    So if white icons appeared after respring ur device u have to reinstall the app that u deleted already from cydia the respring the device again & it’s done.
    Never use (cydia delete) in iphone4 or 4s.
    If u want to delete a cydia app, u should remove using cydia only….
    None of the mentioned ways workedfor me exept what i wrote above.
    Hope u will make use of it next time

  • Atv2black

    You need to respring. Restarting the Springboard will not work. Use free app I WIPE CASH from Cydia. This app will clean Springboard cash and fix any issue with icons.

  • Atv2black

    iWipe CACHE

  • http://twitter.com/SgtSmackSmith Johnny 2Balls adidas


  • Mike

    Just Jailbroke it, and all I had to do was restart it to fix the blank white camera icon.

  • Rhemicro_softt

    KillSB works for me

  • Elizzo

    I had the Cydia icon and one app icon blanked after I deleted one app from Cydia.
    Launch Cydia –> Manage –> Packages –> Find and Click “Cydia Installer” –> Modify –> Reinstall –> Close Cydia when the button “Close Cydia” pops out.
    This was what I did and it worked for me. 



  • West3man

    Now THAT worked for me!  Thanks!

  • Ozuaj

     worked for me too, thanks!

  • Fallingleaf

     Me too, thanks… There was a tweak that used to fixed this problem in OS 3.1 but I can’t remember now… Hope I don’t have to keep doing this though…


     and for me….works fine thanks

  • Ajajahah

    Works!!!!!! THIS IS THE SOLUTION!!!

  • Hvjbkhoh

    Worked! Genius!

  • http://www.iphoneapplicationdevelopmentindia.com/ Ryan Lawrence

    I am also using this way, After respiring all icons goes out… 

  • Vassilis

    that works :))) Just tried it and whiteys are fixed :)

  • Niceguy1430

    Fantastic fix, reinstalling Cydia Installer did the trick. Standing ovation to u for the simple fix Elizzo. You rock, buddy.

  • ERi

    Also worked for me :)

  • Jes 14

    Awesome…Elizzo is the man!

  • robert68

    thanks it works for me also (IPAD2)

  • Devman

    Couldn’t agree more!

  • tyleng


  • http://twitter.com/hussein_1997 hussein majid hadi

    Thanks a lot

  • Sakuragibart

    This is far the best solution to my problem. Dont ignore this!