Apple Releases Official Design Documents For 5th Gen iPod Touch And 7th Gen iPod Nano

We’ve seen that certain case manufacturers are willing to rely on rumors and mock-ups for their cases; sometimes the guesses pay off but sometimes they result in loose cases and other regrettable oversights. Lucky for us Apple has released design documents for the announced 5th generation iPod Touch and 7th generation iPod Nano. The new iPods are set for release some time in October, but these specs should give case manufacturers and accessory makers wiggle room when it comes to the new design.

Apple Release Blueprints (PDF) For iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 7G

Case design specs for the 7th generation iPod Nano. (Click to expand)

The design documents available for free on Apple’s developer website detail the dimensions of both iPods in orthographic CAD drawings. The location of buttons and ports are precisely mapped out to hundredths of a millimeter, and there are even additional details for case manufacturers. These additional details include recommended keepout area for the lightning connector, so the case won’t block the cable, as well as space marked with DO NOT OBSTRUCT THIS AREA WITH METAL. Evidently, that’s where the WiFi and Bluetooth radios are located.

As an Apple fan, if you want to know exactly how small the new iPods are, you can scale the designs in photoshop, print them out on cardstock, and create mockups of your own. In the spirit of DIY, you could also use these design docks in constructing a case of your own.

Apple Release Blueprints (PDF) For iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 7G

Case design specs for 5th gen iPod Touch. (Click to expand)

Of course, if you’re a company like Goophone, you could take the design documents and use them to build an entirely original music player!

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