Want To See The Inside Of Your iPod Touch And iPhone Through Your lockscreen?

The inside of your iPod Touch or iPhone consists of many different mechanical components including logic boards, buttons and much more.  Unless you have actually taken apart your iPod Touch or iPhone then you would have never seen these inside components. iFixit.com has created two wonderful wallpapers for your iPod Touch or iPhone that will show you the inside components of your iPod Touch or iPhone. You can set these images as your Wallpaper for non jailbroken devices or if you have your iPod Touch or iPhone jailbroken you can even set it as your springboard background.

As you can see the wallpaper is extremely realistic and it looks exactly as if you had X-ray vision and could peer through your iPod Touch or iPhone’s LCD screen. The actual image of the logic board is from the iPhone 3gs however this wallpaper could easily pass off as the real thing for other iPod Touch or iPhone models. As I said before there are two versions of the wallpaper; the one wallpaper features Logic board chips that are fully visible beneath the EMI covers and the second wallpaper features partially transparent EMI covers, showing off the logic board chips below. Whichever wallpaper you choose if up to you, my personal favorite is the first wallpaper with no EMI Covers.

Applying these wallpapers to your iPod Touch or iPhone is an extremely easy thing to do. If you are interested in applying one of these wallpapers then simply grab your iPod Touch or iPhone and navigate to this posts url which is – http://www.ijailbreak.com/iphone/want-to-see-the-inside-of-your-iphone-through-your-lockscreen/ 

How to Apply these WallPaper images:

Once you are viewing this post on your iPod Touch or iPhone click one of the image links below…

Download WallPaper One

Download WallPaper Two

Once you click one of the image download links above you will be redirected to a new page with your selected wallpaper displaying. Hold down your finger on the image and you should see a dialog box come up with a few options. Click the Save Image option and the wallpaper will save to your iPod Touch or iPhone. Once you have succesfully saved the image navigate into Settings > General > Wallpaper. Once you are inside the Wallpaper tab you will be presented with two option tabs, Wallpaper and Saved Photos. Click the Saved Photos button and find the wallpaper image you just downloaded. Once you find the image simply click it and click the set as wallpaper button. Once you have done the following you will have your ‘inside components’ wallpaper.

If you want to get one of these wallpaper images as your springboard background (for jailbroken devices) then you will need to edit an existing theme via ssh and replace the wallpaper.png with the selected ‘inside components’ wallpaper. As you can see these wallpapers developed by iFixit.com are extremely well done and realistic looking. Right now wallpaper one my current wallpaper for my iPhone and I am enjoying it very much. What do you think about these wallpapers?

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  • Cesarm909

    Really Cool Wallpaper for your IPod touch or IPhone”=)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G5MKUMJZVNK3WTUMBYLNSGFSBE michael

    thank you.  I was hoping someone had taken a photo just like this.