Hacker Chpwn Posts First Video Of Siri Fully Functioning On The iPod Touch 4G

A few minutes ago we told you that hackers Chpwn And StroughtonSmith managed to get Siri to contact Apple’s servers on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.

Now to prove that this is indeed a working port of Siri to unsupported Apple iDevices, Chpwn has uploaded a video of Siri fully functioning on the iPod Touch 4G which you can watch below…

If you watched the YouTube video embedded above you will definitely realize this is a full-fledged port of Siri. Both Chpwn and StroughtonSmith have managed to accomplish what everyone has been working so hard to do – get Siri to contact Apple’s servers. iJailbreak.com congratulates both hackers on fully porting Siri to both the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.

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  • Josh Hylton

    cant wait really wanting it

  • Bkoch66player14

    that was a pointless post. he said hes not releasing it to the public so why run it in our faces? i hate media.

  • http://twitter.com/JadenEllett Jaden Ellett

    Ahah gives us something to look forward too :)

  • Anonymous

    @379b6cd0c3899141967f7ed9d554cf61:disqus  for proof, other than that it could be called a “fake”

  • Bkoch66player14

    he said hes not releasing it to the public until the jailbreak for iphone 4s. and the other post about porting siri to iphone 4 and ipod touch 4 doesnt work. i triede the new one and it still put my ipod into a boot loop

  • http://twitter.com/B_A_N_K_Y Khaled abdallah

    how can we do this

  • Pepe

    this looks wonderful…..once this happens i know alot of iphone 4s users will be mad that they upgraded

  • Dylan Khiew

    wonderful job there! Cant wait for the release!

  • Sachin Yadav


  • http://silicoxvalley.com person287

    Just to all the haters who will no doubt appear later, Apple is a business and while they don’t have a duty to you, they do have a duty to their shareholders. When you bought your iPhone 4 you were happy with it, and Apple never promised you’d get any software updates. If you were happy with it then why are you not happy with it now? How many Android phones get this many software updates anyway, yeah, almost zero.

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  • Riickg87

    the new port for iphone 4 does work as i have done it withou problem wat u have is an syntax error caused by the way you edit the file and back up before you try i used coda without no error or bootloops

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  • Tcrowns

    Once this goes public and everyone starts using this on all iOS devices the inevitable degradation of service will happen since it was not originally intended for widespread use until much later. People will start whining about how terrible it is, how slow, and it’s not working because it can’t connect to the server. etc.

  • Marco Polo

    maybe they should hire morons like you and fire their engineers for not anticipating that this could happen and not preparing for it. Did you ever hear about their massive data center and its capabilities or do you just sit on your fat ass like a couch potato whining all day long.

  • Edgarresendiz100

    galaxy nexus will rule the world rok on android fuk apple even though i use their devices everyday ;)

  • Aswd

    so how long we will wait to use this?

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  • Tubisourmattoo

    please tell me it is for real because if i buy a iPod 4g for siri and it dosent work what will i do to it. i am having 2 choices either buy a iphone 4s or a nokia n9 along with a iPod 4g tell me it is fully functional so i would buy the above. thanking you in advance 

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