Unlocked iPhone 5 Now Available For Purchase In The U.S Apple Store

After an extremely long wait, the unlocked iPhone 5 is finally available to purchase in the United States. That’s right! Customers who don’t want to be tied to a specific carrier have been waiting for the unlocked iPhone 5 from day one of launch.

You can now spend that hard earned money on an unlocked iPhone 5, which is currently available through Apple’s online store. Apple retail stores should start selling the unlocked iPhone 5 as early as tomorrow. Apple online stores in the United States are now selling the unlocked iPhone 5 for a starting price of $649 for the 16GB version. The advantage with an unlocked device is that you can pop-in a SIM from any carrier and use it anywhere in the world. There is no reoccurring monthly charges to worry about too. You can’t however, use the unlocked iPhone 5 with a CDMA carrier such as Verizon or Sprint.

Unlocked Apple iPhone 5

As previously stated, the unlocked iPhone 5 16GB sells for $649, the 32GB sells for $749 and the 64GB sells for $849. The device will be shipping  in one week, which isn’t too bad. If you really cannot wait, you should probably head to the nearest Apple retail store and pick up the unlocked iPhone as soon as it’s available. Regions in Europe have had the unlocked iPhone 5 from the very beginning and if you remember, the CDMA version of the iPhone 5 also comes unlocked.

So, who’s getting an unlocked iPhone 5?

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  • the nerd

    I’m a bit confused. I understand that apple has yet to release an unlocked iPhone 5 until now, but hasn’t the Verizon iPhone 5 been unlocked since day one?? What’s the difference between the Verizon iPhone 5 (which comes unlocked) and an unlocked iPhone 5 directly from apple??

  • Random

    Yes the iPhone from Verizon is factory unlocked already however your still on a contract with the Verizon iPhone forcing you I still pay monthly fees even if your on another carrier. The factory unlocked one sold from apple has no contract you just have to pay the full price for the phone and pop in a sim card. The purpose of the unlocked Verizon iPhone is so when your contract with V expires u can switch carriers freely without having to get a new phone