Infographic: Tweets During The iPhone 5 Announcement

Derek Ruths, an assistant professor in Computer Science at McGill University, has produced an infographic about tweets observed and processed during Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement. The sample used for the graphs includes 30 million messages on Twitter, with tweets per minute graphed against the talking points in the keynote. Here are a couple interesting tidbits these tweets reveal about the conference.

You might be wondering which of the iPhone 5‘s features were the most popular. The features that matter most to me are the screen, LTE, and the faster processor. 47% of tweets about the phone’s features were apparently about how thin the phone was. Granted, the graphic doesn’t say if the tweets mentioned whether the tweets were positive (hypothetically, the tweets could have said “ew, the new iPhone is too thin”), but it’s a feature that gets converge. 21% of the tweets mentioned the LTE broadband radios, 17% were in reference to the lighter weight, 9% involved the processor, leaving 8% to tweet about the larger screen. 0.3% of tweets about the iPhone 5 mentioned the “earpods.”

Apple Investing In Twitter

There were more tweets during the event than during Romney’s speech at the Republican National convention, but less than Obama’s speech during the Democratic National Convention. 81% of the tweets were from men, while 19% werefrom women. The most frequently used words include show, September, tener (portugese for ‘to have’), soon, steve, years, hate, galaxy, iPhones, and igual (portugese for ‘same’). It’s an interesting collection to say the least; it cover’s attitudes over the iPhone, Apple’s legacy, and namedrops the iPhone’s most credible competitor.

What was your impression of the attitude of the iPhone 5 on Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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